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The Characteristics Of The Localized Vitiligo

The Characteristics Of The Localized VitiligoAs we all known that the biggest feature of vitiligo is the proliferation, vitiigo is somehow belongs to a refractoriness disease , the predisposing factors of vitiligo are various, such as psychological factors, autoimmune, melanin self destruct and ect, blind treatment will cause the proliferation of leukoplakia disease exacerbations, so vitiligo suggest strongly that patients should promptly go to the vitiligo professional hospital and detect the incentives of melanin lack , starting from the root of targeted therapy, at present, there are a lot of clinical therapy, such as drugs, phototherapy, skin-grafting ,the most effective is melanin cell cultivation treatment costs, with treating physicians believe that it can soon obtain obvious effect.

Here are some common features of the limitations type of vitiligo:

1, the limitations type of vitiligo refers to the white spot which limited to one place, the number of the white patch can be one or a few tablets. This type of vitiligo occur without a fixed region, the body can be found in any part of the white spot. If the white spot is under the progressing , the white spot will limited to one place, but the area will continue to expand.

2, limitation type of vitiligo, the lesions of the patients represents like local pigment depigmentation, vitiligo is likely to milky white, the hair inside of the white patches can be white or normal, but there is no any other skin changes, and also there is no any clearly symptoms. Due to lack of protective effect, the skin after exposure can cause burning, redness and blisters. The number of white spots are uncertainty, it can be limited to one part of the body or distribution in a nerve segment ,but rarely change or disappear, but in most cases it tends to increase gradually, and expand, or even spread out through out entire body. Depigmentation degree is different from person to person, vary by location, because it can shows white, gray, near normal three colors according to different decolorization extent .

3, the incidence of localized typr of vitiligo is closely related to trauma factors, the clinical observation found that a considerable part of the vitiligo lesions have different degrees of trauma, and it is easy to trigger the isomorphic effect.


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