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The Most Obvious Characteristics Of Vitiligo

The Most Obvious Characteristics Of VitiligoAs we all known that it is very difficult to diagnosis whether the white patches on patients bosy is vitiligo, becasue they are also couple of other disease which has the similiar symptoms with vitiligo. So it is recommended that patient should observe their skin symptomscarefully, surface of leukoplakia whether smooth or have scales, boundary with the normal skin is more obvious, there is the obvious edge pigment belt, the color of leukoplakia in the early onset represents lighter , generally with shallow white, white spots are relatively not many, it might exists single or multiple, with irregular shape, size, generally the size of the vitiligo represents like nails or coins, it is very obvious to the sun , if it explosure long time under the sunlight, the white spot will become redness, feeling pain, if patients have above symptoms, it means they carry the vitiligo

The most obvious characteristic of the vitiligo is spreading, the spring and summer is two mainly seasons which is the peak season of vitiligo development, if it is not cured fully, it will relapse. Vitiligo experts suggest that patients still need to go to the hospital for a comprehensive system of professional vitiligo treatment to identify the cause of the lack of melanin, and then take some targeted therapy.

Vitiligo is triggered by the acquired melanin depigmentation skin diseases, there os no any consciousness of local skin at the beginning, mucosa and hair turned white, gradually expanded, with the clear realm, and smooth surface, there is no scaling. Under such situation ,patients should do a self-observation, whether the white spot is smooth and can afford to chip, generally patients will not feel itching .


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