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What Are The Diagnosis Basis For Vitiligo

What Are The Diagnosis Basis For Vitiligo(1) Features of Skin lesions: skin lesion color turned to white、the typical white spot more like nails and coins,Like round, oval or irregular shape, can be expanded or mutual integration into irregular large,different shapes,The color of the white spot around the color of the pigment
and the white spot in the center of the island is a island of pigment and with Island pigment in the center of white spot: Another typical white spot is the Bleaching spots which along with the nerve distribution shaped like strip or strain, The edge of the patch is as neat as a knife,.
(2) diseased region: it can appears on whole body , but mostly appears on head or face,Others parts like the neck, chest, waist, abdomen, etc.
(3) Pathogenesis season: it can disease in four seasons, but mainly happened in spring and summer
(4) Different Course of disease: The shortest course of disease was recorded for only 7 days, the longest last 50 years, it can slow progess or Long-term stability and exits whole life.


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