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What Is The Isomorphic reaction Of Vitiligo

What Is The Isomorphic reaction Of VitiligoThe Isomorphic reaction, is refers to the normal skin which is damaged by non-specific damage (such as: trauma, scratches, surgical incision, sun, inoculation or some skin diseases, such as), it may induce the skin lesions with some certain area of normal skin.Meanwhile ,the Isomorphic reaction is belongs to autoimmune phenomenon, it is triggered by trauma and scytitis stimulates and induce some self destruction between epidermis and dermis and produced its own antigen, so induce a series of immune reactions, and appear some skin pathological changes. Apart from psoriasis, lichen moss, eczema is also very common during its acute phase, while patients with vitiligo often occur with Isomorphic reaction as well.

The Isomorphic reaction of vitiligo, mostly occurs during the progress of the white patches, the occurrence stage can be long or short , the short stage can occur in the 10~20 days after the injury, the long stage can reach several months or years, there are some patients start Isomorphic reaction from the beginning of a medical treatment . The medical studies have showed that the occurrence rate of Isomorphic reaction of vitiligo has reached 27.8%, while the incidence of isomorphic reaction among children’s vitiligo rate has reached 35.7%~45.5%.

According to introduction of vitiligo experts, the clinical drug magnetic factors, as well as various causes of skin inflammation (such as: drug dermatitis, nervous dermatitis, eczema, allergic dermatitis, erythema, urticaria, lichen moss, etc.), can mostly induce the Isomorphic reaction reaction, other factors may include :surgical stimulation, trauma, mechanical compression or friction, as well as local infection (viruses, bacteria or fungi, etc.).

Clinically, diabetes , thyroid (functional recession or hyperthyroidism) patients are often associated with vitiligo, this is also one of the examples of isomorphic reaction. When it comes to the general type of isomorphic reaction. Until the skin inflammation get subsided after scytitis gets fade away , but the depigmentation is temporarily ,the skin can return back to the normal color after a period of time, the isomorphic reaction of vitiligo, will cause gradually developing or expanding white patches .


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