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What Causes Eczema

What Causes EczemaEczema is actually a inflammation of the skin which characterized by itchy, erythematous, vesicular, weeping, and crusting patches in the skin 。When it comes to the causes of the eczema, Here are some main triggers which cause it:

1,Miliaria. It is one of the key cause of eczema, here are some valuable Prevention: patients should pay attention to indoor ventilation and cooling;change clothes regularly, try to keep a dry skin , for those fat people, infant and maternal should bathe diligently, but it is not suggested to use cold water, after bathe, patients need to dry their skin and apply some miliaria powder. If there is pus rush , patients need to go to the hospital as soon as possible.

2, Sunburn. Due to too much sun bathe. Usually 3 to 6 hours after sun exposure , the erythema appears, it can form blister when it turns into serious situation. Prevention: avoid exposure to intense sunlight, go out with sunscreen, use the sun protection umbrella.

3,Photosensitive dermatitis. It is mainly cause by the ultraviolet allergy.It Usually appears after 1 - 2 days sun exposure, the skin rash mostly appears on the face, neck and neck, "V" - shaped area, etc.. Prevention: allergic constitution patients should pay attention to the light, it is not suggested to go out every day, and when theygo out , they should wear long sleeved clothing, wearing a wide along the hat, to use the sun protection umbrella, sunscreen.

4,Rash urticaria. Which related to mosquito bites, allergic reactions after insect bites like :fleas, lice, mosquito and other insect bites . The skin rash or distributed as trunk, limb with itching obviously. Prevention: try to avoid places like wet grass, trees, and more mosquitoes or wet places.

5,Allergic skin diseases. It is caused by plant pollen. the skin may appears partial or whole body type of urticaria, the face may have the symptom such as dermatitis, itching. Prevention: do not touch the place where have lush flowers and trees; take the desensitizer drugs, timely intake oral some relative medicines.

6,Eczema. Mostly appears with itching, peeling blisters on feet. Prevention: try to keep a warmly and dry feet , and wear breathable shoes.


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