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What Are The Symptoms Of Children's Vitiligo

What Are The Symptoms Of Children's VitiligoChildren’s Vitiligo is one special type of vitiligo which often occurs among Childrens or kids.The experts has pointed out that the peak incidence of children’s vitiligo is mainly concentrated at the age of 19. The children’s vitiligo can also be seen as a special type of vitiligo, the age of onset of the disease is shortly after they were given birth, the average age is from 4-6 years old. So, what are the symptoms of childhood vitiligo? Here are some specific informations about it :

1, scalp hair turns gray, at the same time, parents should pay attention to make a clear identification and differentiated with depigment nevus, tuberous sclerosis, anemia mole and white rosea and childhood hair hypopigmentation skin.

2 Children’s face and other parts of the vulva appears white depigmentation spots.

3, generally ,no itching feeling, even it has, there is just a little more itchings.

4, the number of depigmentation spots is generally relatively gets reduced, probably a 1-2 pieces which often appears in the exposed parts of the skin.

5, Apart from depigmentation, the appearence between the affected parts of the skin and surrounding normal skin are almost same, no inflammation, scaling or atrophy changes.

6, the first consideration should be consider as children’s vitiligo under the uncertain circumstances of which skin disease do they have.


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