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Is Leukoplakia Same As Vitiligo

Is Leukoplakia Same As VitiligoAccording to the relevant medical data survey, the incidence of vitiligo is increasing nowdays. So far,there are couple of questions from patients, among these questions, there are one most common questions said that: Is the white patched on the body vitiligo ?, can vitiligo be cured, and other series of related issues. Now the medical experts has given a clearly answer to this question, that is Leukoplakia is likely to be caused by vitiligo, vitiligo is a mostly acquired skin disease. Its characterized by the local skin with white spots, it can occurs anywhere in the body.

When it comes to the clinical manifestations of the vitiligo, they are couple of different sizes, uncertain shape of depigmentation spots in the skin, The hair on the white can be white and it is unchanged.

However,As far as the vitiligo experts concerns, The leukoplakia can occur in any parts of the body, but mostly appears in the face, neck, back of the hand and other exposed parts and external genital skin as well. Most of the the leukoplakia are spread as limitations forms, and they exists as isolated , some of them distributes as symmetrical , or distributed along the nerve. Meanwhile it can also spread out through the entire body, there are only few normal skin left under the affection of the white patches. The disease is generally exist without any symptoms , becasue its persistent repeated attacks which also resulting in a huge difficulty for the vitiligo treatment.

The skin white spot disease is a general term for a variety of skin diseases, it can be independent of a skin disease, it can also be part of the manifestations of a skin disease , can be a priori, it can be acquired, there are some genetic factors which can influnce it, but there are also some infection factors in it.

There are a variety of skin diseases except the leukoplakia such as common congenital anemia moles and nevi, acquired or secondary halo nevus, tinea versicolor, white rosea and inflammatory skin disease secondary spot. There are couple of Rare and mottled diseases, such as nodular sclerosis of the willow white spot and characteristics of many other skin disease and etc.. Doctors have proved that the only way which confirm whether the leukoplakia is vitiligo is through a series of comprehensive testing to get the effective conclusion. So patients should ask more informations if they really wanna figure out whether the leukoplakia is vitiligo


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