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Where Does Vitiligo Appear On The Body

Where Does Vitiligo Appear On The BodyAs we all known that Vitiligo can be categorized as one of three types, based on the pattern of depigmentation.

The most common type of vitiligo is generalized, there is widespread distribution of white macules, often in a remarkably symmetrical array.

There is also another type of vitiligo called focal type. It is characterized by one or more macules on a one site;However in some cases, it may be an early evolutionary stage of one of the other forms of the disease. Typical macules occur in the fingers, elbows, knees, lower back, and genital area. The last type of vitiligo is Extensive generalized vitiligo. It may leave only a few normally pigmented macules, a form of the disease referred to as "vitiligo universalis".

When it comes to the segmental type, it is uncommon, and it is characterized by one of several macules on one hand or one other side of the body. This type of vitiligo is not often associated with vitiligo macules in some parts of the body, and there is no any new vitiligo spots.


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