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Hair Follicles Type Of Vitiligo

Hair Follicles Type Of VitiligoHair follicle type vitiligo is a kind of vitiligo which refers to the vitiligo that grow any part of the hair, vitiligo skin color restoration is the mainly based on the hair follicle outer root sheath melanocytes, hair becomes white means the damage of the black hair follicle cells.

Clinical characteristics

1,Hair follicle type vitiligo can be expressed as hair involvement which shows in bilateral or unilateral vitiligo, it characteristiced by white spot within the hair bleaching. But more commom in the unilateral type (segmental), the eyebrows and hair most often involved.

2, The most frequently involved with hair, eyebrows, pubic hair and armpit hair . The emergence of hair white neither means worse develop of vitiligo nor the symptom of active stage vitiligo.

3, not all of the lesions skin can occur the hair bleaching in same patient, but a single lesion skin can be part or all of the hair white.

Treatment of Hair follicles type of Vitiligo

Black pigment cells are not only distributed in the skin, but also distribute in the root sheath of the hair follicle, the more dense of hair follicle , the more melanin cells, the synthesis of melanin is more too. Through treatment, it can activate the activity of these cells, accelerate the reproduction, and gradually grow to the skin lesions.

So, generally circumstances, as long as the hair follicles over the dense distribute site of hair follicles , vitiligo is easy to recover, the treatment effect is obvious. And the sparse distribute site of hair follicles, white spot recover is slower, the treatment takes longer.

Black pigment cells in the hair follicle can be synthesized two kinds of melanin: true melanin and melanin. Both formate into tyrosine under effect of tyrosinase in melanoma cells by a series of reactions . True black pigment is black or brown, melanin is yellow or red pigment. The relative content of the two kinds of melanin determines the color of hair, so the hair will appear white, yellow, red, brown, black and so on.

Diet of Hair follicles type of Vitiligo

The diet is also two-sided. Experts said that the patients who often eat chili, lamb and other foods, these irritating strong are harmful the patient's health. And some nutritions which contains vitamin C, , VC fruits have hindered the metabolism of melanin and directly affects the treatment result.


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