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Acra Type Of Vitiligo

Acra Type Of VitiligoAcral vitiligo occurs mostly on the face and extremities, according to the organs orientation of traditional Chinese medicine, the disease should located in the heart and spleen. Because the heart is full of the main blood, , spleen dominate the limbs and its the source of blood biochemistry. The weakness of the heart and spleen is bound to affect the main parts of the meridian running, thereby causing local skin color change, the formation of skin white spots. Symptoms|:

1, white patch distribution: white patch mostly distribute as symmetrical , there are many cases of damage which distribute along the nerve segment. Except the skin damage, it also involved part of the mucosa.

2, skin lesions: lesions as local pigment depigmentation, leukoplakia, presents as a milky white, the hair can turn to white or normal, but no other changes , and also has no symptoms.

3,Provocable: Due to lack of protective effect of the pigment, after exposure it can cause burning, redness and blisters. The number of white spots are uncertain, it can be limited to the part of the body or distribution in a nerve segment (or leather), and rarely change or disappear, but in most cases tend to increase gradually, expand, or even generalized to whole body.


Comprehensive intervention for the treatment of melanin gene

Black pigment gene synthesis intervention system is different from the traditional treatment, this treatment method is not only suitable for all kinds of types, stages of patients with vitiligo, but also does not need to use exogenous drugs during the treatment process, it reproduce the high-quality cells through the gene technology , so it avoids the rejection of exogenous transplantation, creat more secure and reliable technology.

First, through the function of autologous gene detection , detect the weak metabolism of cells and blocked nerve cells, open up the skin of the skin to get through all the blockage of the nerve cells and meridians through by the traditional Chinese medicine, this is an important step to ensure that the normal growth and conduction of melanin , and it is the key to breaking the traditional ineffective treatment.

Second, search the best quality of melanocytes and establish the high quality cell library beside the absence of pigment cells in the process of gene detection , and inject the black pigment nutrient solution digital three-dimensional precision positioning of these advantages, and let best cells self reproduction, reproduction.

Third, when the black pigment cell population achieve the established number, it begans to enter the transplant circle. When transplanted the high quality cell population into the design of the preset subcutaneous decolorization region, the vitality of the best quality of cells increased, meanwhile gradually establish the new neural network, the weaker function of the skin cells gradually replaced by normal cells, the epidermis gradually returned to normal color, vitiligo patients gradually get rehabilitation.


The lack of certain trace metal elements in the blood and the white patches area, so that the body tyrosinase activity decreased, affect the synthesis of melanin metabolism, eventually result in lesions. Patients usually should eat some food which contains tyrosine and mineral such as beef, pork, poultry, eggs, fresh vegetables, beans, peanuts, black sesame seeds, raisins, nuts, fruit, and shellfish.


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