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What Is The Localized Vitiligo

What Is The Localized Vitiligowhat is the localized vitiligo?
Localized Vitiligo, refers to the white patches limited to one place, and it can be one or a few pieces. the site is not fixed,any part of the body can be found the white patches. Such as the advanced white patches limited to one place, but the scale will continue to expand. This type of attack is closely related to the injury factors ,and clinical observation have found a quite few skin lesions have different degrees of injury and its easy to have the identical reaction after illness-prone

 The causes of localized vitiligo

(1) autogenous immune system problems, oxidative stress

In most cases, localized Vitiligo is an autoimmune systemdisorder of melanin, he body's immune system attack them, as foreign n the basis of its hereditary. They were sure that when theexternal pressure on the skin such as trauma, severe sunburn willbe triggered or aggravated illnesses of the susceptible population..

(2) neurological reasons

(3)the HIV hypothesis (melanin poisoning)


Other skin trauma can lead to limitation of the emergence anddevelopment of Vitiligo.

Clinical symptoms

1 The localized Vitiligo is white patches limited to one place, and can be one or a few pieces. This type of Vitiligo has no fixed area, any part of the body can be founded the white patches Such as the advanced white patches limited to one place, but the area will continue to expand.

2 The skin lesions of localized vitiligo patients is local depigmentation white patches presents opal, its hair can change to white or turn to normal, but no other changes of the skin and have no symptoms. Due to the lack of a protective effect of pigment, exposure can cause a burning sensation, Erythema and blisters. The number of the white patches are not fixed and it can probably limited to a part of the body or distributed in a ganglion (or segmental), with little change or disappear, but most cases tend to increase, expand and even Pan-systemic. The degree of the depigmentation is based vary between people and vary depending on the site, it can be displayed white, gray, near-normal colour three shades due to varying degrees of bleaching .

3 The attack of localized is closely related to the incidence of injury factors, clinical observation found that quite a few localized Vitiligo skin lesions have had varying degrees of injury and its easy to have a identical reaction. after attack.

 Disease prevention

1, the Elimination of psychological pressure:The specific symptoms of Vitiligo white patches will affect the patient'sdaily life,it brings deeply inside harm to the patient. Vitiligo patients should promptly adjust their mentality to avoid bad mood swings and emotional condition of Vitiligo.

2, early diagnosis and treatment: generally speaking, detecting condition of Vitiligo on time , get regular treatment in hospital as early as possible, actively cooperate with the experts treatment, Vitiligo can be cured in a short time.

3, adhere to the correct diagnosis and treatment: according to different patients in different periods and different types of Vitiligo , the treatment is different , this requires patients to have a steadfast heart, Vitiligo patients should go to a regular hospital, standard the treatment, avoiding to the informal hospital misdiagnosis and the harm caused by Vitiligo.

4, clinical results judge: as long as receivea

a scientific and reasonable treatment plan, to accurately find the cause, symptom atictreatment and actively cooperate with the experts treatment in order to improve the cure rate with Vitiligo.

5, careful selection of drugs: patients should be in normal hospital under the guidance of experts, properly use of drug treatment for Vitiligo, because each drug has some specific effects ,avoiding indiscriminate use of drugs or casual drug use have negative effects for Vitiligo treatment. Some use for external use and often there is irritation or allergic skin, characterized as Erythema, papules, vesicles, Merle black, crusted or skinthickening, desquamation, itching.

Localized Vitiligo Diet

Food Items to Avoid

Following is the list of food items which you may want to consider avoiding in your diet.These are the food items which are generally suggested by many people for controlling Vitiligo.

Fruits:Orange,Gooseberry,Custard Apple,Guava,Prunes,Cashew nuts,Water melon and Melon

Vegetables: Brinjal,Red Sorrel,Parsley,Papaya,Lemon ,Tomato,Tamarind and Garlic

Vitiligo Diet – Food Items to Intake

Following is the list of food items which you should consider adding to your diet.

This list also again complied on the basis of recommendations given by people looking to cure Vitiligo.

Vegetables: Radish,Beet Root,Carrot,French Beans,Ridge and Bitter Gourd, Fenugreek,Spinach,Drumsticks and Onion.

Fruits: Mangoes,Grapes,Walnut,Apricot,Dates and Papaya,

 Treatment of localized vitiligo

Narrowband ultraviolet B (UVB) phototherapy and 308 nm excimer laser have produced encouraging therapeutic results for vitiligo. Repigmentation of various degrees was obtained in different studies.

Twenty-nine vitiliginous lesions from six patients were treated with targeted, broadband UV-B phototherapy. UV fluences were started at 50% of the minimal erythema dose, then increased gradually. Treatments were carried out twice week for 12 weeks.


Some degree of repigmentation occurred in all subjects. Responses varied among the different anatomic locations, with acral lesions achieving the least improvement. Onset of repigmentation was as early as 3 weeks of treatment in some subjects. Treatments were well tolerated, with only minimal erythema and hyperpigmentation.


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