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What Is Segmental Vitiligo

What Is Segmental VitiligoWhat is Segmental Vitiligo?

Segmental Vitiligo Vitiligo is a type of vitiligo, clinically will be divided into four types: localized, sporadic, Pan-style, segment type according

To the shape, location, scope andresponse to treatment of the patches. Segmental Vitiligo is a limited loss of Melanoma of skin diseasecan , it occurs at any age, more juvenile onset, chronic after. Skinlesions for well-defined white patches, it presents as round, oval or not plastic shapes, it Can occurs in any part of the body, without symptoms, a few smalllesions can be self-limiting, it does not affect the health but beauty ,it can brings mental suffering to the patient.

2 What are the sympotoms of segmental Vitiligo ?

(1)A shallow, white patch color : Segment type is a common form of Vitiligo. The color of

Segmental Vitiligo is white at first. Surface is pale white. And with the development of Vitiligo and continuous diffusion, white area is growing. Bigger and bigger. Segmental Vitiligo is characterized by the onset,usually along a nerve in patients with segmental innervation ofthe skin area to distribute more unilateral distribution. Profilefor bar and so on. This is an important symptom of segmental Vitiligo. One of a characteristic of Segmental Vitiligo is during onset, it distributes usually along anerve in patients with segmental innervation of the skin area . mostly is Single-side distribution and bar appearance, This is an important symptom of segmental Vitiligo.

(2), white area gradually spread out : segmental Vitiligo can easily the begainning of stage, Segmental Vitiligo patches is very small, but over the time, white patch es continue to spread, white patch scale gets bigger and bigger and when the segmental Vitiligo is under stage of the development period , the patches generally shows some common rules, develop into bar appearance. Therefore its easy to figure out the direction of development of the patch.

(3) Hair on the white patch turns white: In addition, the biggest feature of the segmental Vitiligo is the hair on the white patches turns white.while,the other types of Vitiligo, the hair on the white patches may turn white or may not change, the hair of segmental vitiligo can truns into white. Along with the totals increased illness, it may be associated with hair loss.

(4) The causes of segmental Vitiligo

(1) Natural immunity: segmental Vitiligo is closely related to the occurrence of immune function . Due to the overload mental stress in patients , it results the irregular diets , abnormal rest and finally decline the immune function of the patients which directly lead to the Vitiligo.

(2) improper care: Many patients have the blindness of their self-caring which make the condition of vitiligo worse, so is segmental Vitiligo, mainly because patients often eat some spicy pungent foods or foods that contain vitaminc which stimulates the pathogenic factors of Vitiligo.

(3) Industrial and agricultural pollution: authoritative physician points out that, in recent years, industrial, refrigerationdischarged a lot of fluorine refrigerants which seriously damaged to the ozone layer in the atmosphere and excess the ultraviolet irradiation to the ground and spoiled the huamns skin.
Treatment for segmental vitiligo

Topical corticosteroids

Topical immunomodulators (also known as calcineurin inhibitors)

Phototherapy (NB-UVB, PUVA)

Excimer laser

Miscellaneous therapies, such as low-energy helium-neon laser

Surgical treatment

Although all of these treatment options are considered for segmental vitiligo treatment, some are found to be more effective than others. For instance, based on studies, treatments such as topical calcineurin inhibitors, topical corticosteroids, targeted phototherapy such as excimer laser, and phototherapy such as NB-UVB, are all helpful for segmental vitiligo. Research has also suggested that a combination of phototherapy and topical treatment is also more effective than any kind of monotherapy.

6 segmental vitiligo diet

There is no 'segmental vitiligo diet.' A healthy diet with balanced nutrition from a variety of sources is a good way to support the immune system. Vegetables are very good, as is fruit like apples and bananas. Citrus fruits can cause problems for some people, though not for others. Dr. Grimes has said that blueberries and pears contain natural hydroquinones, which are depigmenting agents, and should thus be limited or avoided. Some people recommend dairy or red meats or other foods be avoided, but there is no evidence of these impacting vitiligo unless there is some underlying allergy to the products. Turmeric, often used as a seasoning, has caused problems for some people, so one might consider limiting or avoiding its use.


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