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What Is Generalized Vitiligo

What Is Generalized VitiligoGeneralized vitiligo is a type of vitiligo, according to the shape, location, scope and treatment response, the clinical will divided it into four types: localized, sporadic, pan hair, segmental type. Vitiligo is a limitation of the black pigment depigmentation of skin diseases, can occur at any age. Perhaps the most common pigmentary disorder, vitiligo results from a complex interaction of environmental, genetic and immunologic factors that ultimately contribute to melanocyte destruction, resulting in the characteristic depigmented lesions. In the past few years, studies of the genetic epidemiology of generalized vitiligo have led to the recognition that vitiligo is part of a broader, genetically determined, autoimmune and autoinflammatory diathesis. Attempts to identify genes involved in vitiligo susceptibility have involved gene expression studies, allelic association studies of candidate genes and genome-wide linkage analyses to discover new genes, and these studies have begun to shed light on the mechanisms of vitiligo pathogenesis. It is anticipated that the discovery of biological pathways of vitiligo pathogenesis will provide novel therapeutic and prophylactic targets for future approaches to the treatment and prevention of vitiligo and its associated autoimmune diseases.

Causes of generalized vitiligo:

1 self immunity: (1) Vitiligo patients has higher morbidity of autoimmune diseases and other autoimmune diseases than common people.

(2)A variety of autoantibodies, anti melanoma antibodies, were detected in serum of patients, and the positive rate was 50-93%, which was related to the severity of the disease.

(3) The incidence of vitiligo patients with malignant melanoma was significantly higher than the normal people, there are a group of 450 cases of melanoma patients in abroad, 29 cases (6.4%) have vitiligo.

(4) Vitiligo patients have abnormal cellular immunity and humoral immunity, such as the changes of T cell subsets, soluble interleukin-2 receptor and cytokine changes.

2 the destruction of melanocytes

In the process of melanin synthesis, the products such as Doba , Doba pigment, 5-6 dihydroxyindole etc., are belong to the single phenolic or polyphenolic compounds, the accumulation of phenolic substances or produce too much of melanocytes have selective toxicity to the melanocytes.

3 Neurochemical factors

Chemical mediators released from nerve terminals such as norepinephrine, acetylcholine, or other substances may have a detrimental effect on melanocytes.

Symptoms of generalized vitiligo

1, the white spot area: the area of generalized vitiligo is up to 50% than the whole body skin area of , skin lesions covered multiple parts of patients, such as face, hands, chest, back, white spot area, so the generalized vitiligo condition is the most serious.

2, the white spot distribution: generalized vitiligo white patches distribute widely, the white patches is generally exist in the form of piece. White patches will not be a single existence, often into a piece with irregular shape, skin lesions have symmetry.

3, white hair: generalized vitiligo patients often associated with white hair, because the generalized vitiligo melanocytes damage very serious, and the disease hair in the eyebrows, head, often lead to white hair.

Therapeutic method

1,Sang Renqi jujube porridge: medlar mulberry seed 30g, 5 jujube, peanut, rice 50g, brown sugar. Rice Amoy net, and with various drugs for porridge, to be cooked in red sugar, cook for one or two boiling take, daily 1 agent. Can nourish liver and kidney, nourishing and tonifying blood.

2 Black rice porridge: rice 100 grams, 10 black jujube . The rice Amoy net, together with black jujube porridge, daily take1 or 2. It can nourishing and moisturizing blood.

3 Ganoderma lucidum walnut porridge: Ganoderma lucidum, walnut, 100g, rice 50g. Put ganoderma lucidum in water with 2000m1 and boil, slow fire cook for another 30 minutes, slag juice and add into the rice, , 2 times a day. Can nourish liver and kidney, supplementing and nourishing blood.


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