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The Hazards Of Vitiligo

The Hazards Of VitiligoVitiligo is the function lack or loss of SOD (superoxide dismutase) in blood. So it can not clean the blood anion radicals, resulting in tyramine activity decreased , obstacles of secretion of melanin synthesis . In addition to skin lesions, a common symptom is mucosal's hypopigmentation. Various types of vitiligo may be associated with mucosal change into white, and extremities type is common too. And its incidence is high. Mucosal damages are usually in patients there parts, such as the lips, the nipple, the areola and the genitals. There are reports said that the lips portion discolored incidence up to 50% ofvitiligo patients, as well as in the labial cheek and gums there are also different degrees of de-pigmentation, which isn’t easy to find in light color race, but in the dark skin vitiligo patients which is prone to occur . The mucosa genital turn white is also common, the males are usually found at the glans penis and the females are found in the vulva and vaginal mucosa. Men are more than women, which may be related to the different anatomy of the male and the female, the males genitals areprominent and exposed which is easy to find .

Vitiligo patients often accompanied with hair change white whose incidence is between 9% -45%.There are usually two forms:

(1) the majority are that the skin below white hair also has become white.

(2) Only with this part of white hair and other parts of skin are normal.The parts of skin which have white hair are difficult to return the normal color of skin, because the main source of repigmentation of vitiligo is follicle melanocytes at the outer root sheath, and white hair change means the destruction of the pigment cells reservoir. At this period of time , drug-induced repigmentation is not ideal. Similarly, white patches medications to be ineffective on smooth and hairless skin, such as fingers, distal of toes and mucosal sites.The hair bleaching of vitiligo, which commonly involve scalp mostly, then the eyebrows, pubic and armpit hair. In recent years, we also found that there are many cases of white eyelashes and white vellus hair. Researches indicate that approximately 37% of vitiligo patients and their family members, before the age of 30, often appear gray hair which is named gray hair before developmentand which is considered to be an early manifestation of vitiligo.

The distribution of melanocytes is not only in the skin and hair, but also exists in the eye, ear and some internal organs such as the pia mater. In addition to the white skin change of vitiligo patients, the eyes and ears can also occur corresponding lesions. Few patients feel abnormal eye sensation, but after a careful examination of Ophthalmology, founding 30% of patients may have abnormal choroidal disease, 5% of patients with iritis. The minority of patients have retinal choroidal degeneration or discoloration, pigmentation or spots, pigment distribution not normal, retinal leopard patchy shape, optic atrophy or retinal artery narrowing and bone needle-like form, night blindness and other changes.Ear melanocytes mainly distributed in the cochlea of the inner ear, the vestibular labyrinth. Vitiligo is a melanocyte lesions, which can also cause the respective disease of inner ear functions, but patients rarely tell the abnormal of hearing respect. The hearing and auditory responses tests for patients found that 13% -16% of patients have a abnormal sensorineural hearing loss. Mainly involving high frequencies, mostly are mild or moderate. It can include single or double ears.There are the introductions of some outer skin manifestations of vitiligo. Although with a presence of possible changes, but they do not affect the patients' daily life, work and learning, so there is no need to worry.


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