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What Is The Diagnosis Of Vitiligo

What Is The Diagnosis Of Vitiligo A vitiligo diagnosis is typically made after a completely medical history is gathered and a physical exam and certain tests are implemented. After looking for symptoms of vitiligo or other conditions, the doctor may take a small sample of the affected skin to confirm a vitiligo diagnosis. The doctor may also take a blood sample to check the blood cell count and thyroid function.

Vitiligo Diagnosis: Here are some overviews

The doctor will probably take he following stepsin order to make a vitiligo diagnosis :

1,Ask questions about a person's medical history

2,Apply a physical exam, seeking for any signs of vitiligo or other symptoms.

3,Arrange the relative tests.

How the Medical History Helps doctor to make a Vitiligo Diagnosis

There is only one avaliable access if a doctor suspects that patients who has vitiligo, that is ask the patient about their medical history. The most important factors in a person's medical history are as following:

1,Sensitivity to the sun.

2,Phenomenon of skin depigmentation

3,Psychological problem, Physical illness or stress

4,Family history might be a potential factor in person’s mdecial history.

5,Family history of autoimmune diseases

6, Some paticular sympyom such as :rash, sunburn, or other skin trauma at the site of vitiligo

.7, Phenomenon of Premature graying of the hair

Tests for Making a Vitiligo Diagnosis

When it comes to the test of vitiligo diagnosis,the doctor may take a small sample (biopsy) of the affected skin. He or she may also take a blood sample to check the blood cell count and thyroid function. For some patients, the doctor may recommend an eye examination to check for uveitis (inflammation of part of the eye).


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