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How To Diagnose Vitiligo

Vitiligo, Diagnose VitiligoVitiligo is a kind of disease which caused by the loss of melanin. The disease is easy to diagnose but the treatment is difficult, so the early diagnosis and therapy is more important and effective.

Generally speaking, the color loss of white patches in early stage of vitiligo is light, and there isn’t a obvious distinction with the around, so the most patients with no symptoms. After a period of time, the skin color becomes white, showing a shape such like coin-shape, oval-shape, nail-shape, round or irregular shape. Then skin lesions turn into a big shape of flaky, around the white patches there can occur pigment belt which with a deepened color, and in the central of white patches there is an island of pigment. The diagnosis of vitiligo mainly based on the symptoms of typical skin lesions, hair changes, the edges of lesions and other symptoms. If it is necessary to have a biopsy to make a onfirm diagnosis once found the loss or destroy of melanocytes.

Nanjing Medical University vitiligo research team put forward five key aspects to provide a more easy to research vitiligo, which are based on many year’s clinic treatment. The five points of vitiligo include:

(1) the acquired occurrence of pigment loss spots or hypopigmentation patches.

(2) pigment loss spots or hypopigmentation patches have a clear boundarywith the around normal skin and with irregular shapes.

(3) the pigment color in the edge of pigment loss spots or hypopigmentation patches become deep.

(4) the hair inside of pigment loss spots or hypopigmentation patches turn white or company a symptom of complex color in a follicle mouth .

(5) under lights of Wood, pigment loss spots or hypopigmentation patches present a porcelain white color.

One of the five symptoms must occurs, if there are there of the five express ,it can be diagnosed as vitiligo disease. If there are two symptoms of the five which can be suspicious to be vitiligo ,but there still a next step of diagnosis to exclude the other kind of hypopigmentation skin disease, then to make a correct diagnosis. It is not that difficult for vitilogo’s diagnose generally, while in the early stage it’s of a bit of difficalty. When to make a clinic diagnose, doctors should consider whether the patient associated with autoimmune disease whether the patient associated with autoimmune disease, chemical exposure experience and trauma experience, etc. Excluding other hypopigmented skin diseases, then make a clear diagnosis company the clinic tests.


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