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Clinical Symptoms Of Vitiligo In Different Stages

symptoms of vitiligo in different stagesAs we ll know the vitiligo divided into stable stage and progressive stage. The vitiligo symptoms in different stages are different. In the following part, I’d like to make a detailed introduction to you about this.

1. The symptoms of vitiligo in stable stage.

What is called the stable stage of vitiligo? That means the vitiligo stop spreading, the edge of vitiligo is clear, the pigment in the edge of the white spots deepen. The vitiligo in this stable will not have isomorphic reaction because of external medicine stimulation or mechanical stimulation. So the vitiligo patients can try some medicines with photo sensitive effects to promote the vitiligo in the stable stage change to the vitiligo in the improving stage. What about the symptoms of vitiligo in different stages?

The white spots changes.

The vitiligo spots color often is deeper than the normal skin color, the vitiligo often present in cloud white or porcelain white. The edge between the white spots and normal skin is quite obvious. The pigment in the edge of the skin lesion will obviously deepen and form a obvious contract with the normal skin around it. The area of white spots covered the area more than 50% for the full body and distribute in many part of the body.

The hair changes.

The hairs of vitiligo gradually become white, if the vitiligo developed into a serious stage, the hair will fall off, the sweat gland will also closed. The vitiligo skin lesion in this stage will have no sweat to perspire because of the sweat gland pores closed.

2. The clinical symptoms of the vitiligo in progressive stage.

What is the vitiligo in the progressive stage. The vitiligo in the progressive stage means the patient’s vitiligo condition is not stable and present different changes. What worth to mention is the some patients might have a new white spots occasionally, that also means their vitiligo in the development stage. Only if they have no new white spot and their original white spots not expand, that means their vitiligo stop expanding. The vitiligo in the progressive stage means their vitiligo in the expanding state, the color, size, number of their vitiligo present in the features different from the vitiligo in the stable stage.

The changes of their white spots basically in the state, color, size, number of their white spots changes.

The vitiligo in the progressive stage will have new white spots generated, the original white spots will gradually glide to the normal skin and expand, the edge of their vitiligo is unclear, the color of their vitiligo gradually become light and changed from light white to milk white. The vitiligo might expand because of the strong stimulation of some external stimulation. There are many vitiligo patients with new white spots because of suffered from mechanical stimulation or friction and make the their original skin appear white spots and have isomorphic reactions.

2. The hair changes in their vitiligo sites.

There are part of the vitiligo patients in the progressive stage, the melanocyte in their hair follicles damaged which result in their hairs become white. The melanin exist in the epidermis and hair follicles of their body, the melanocyte damaged in their epidermis easy to induce vitiligo. The melanocyte damaged in the hair follicles will induce white hairs. The eyebrows and hairs in their body is the part most easy to appear the symptoms of white hair.


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