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5 Symptoms Of Vitiligo In Early Stage

Vitiligo is a common skin disease. Many people although heard about vitiligo, they might not have detailed understanding about the vitiligo symptoms. In the following part, I’d like to make a brief introduction about the 5 symptoms of vitiligo in early stage.

1. Vitiligo in early stage present in white or milk white spots or flakes in the lesions. The edge of vitiligo is clear and will gradually expand. The normal skin color in the edge of vitiligo will deepen and present in deep brown. There might have some pigmented island shape brown spots appear in the center of the lesions of some vitiligo patients. The hairs in vitiligo sites also might become white.

2. Except the pigment loss, the skin in vitiligo sites is quite smooth, the vitiligo sites have no dander or scales, normally have no itch or pain feelings, with burning pain feelings after the sunlight irradiation. This also one of the symptoms of the vitiligo in early stage.

3. The early symptoms of vitiligo is the number of depigmentation spots are less, often one or two spots. Most of the white spots will appear in the exposure areas of the skin.

4. Most of the vitiligo patients have not itch or pain feelings in their lesions, even have this feelings are quite light. This is also one of the symptoms of vitiligo in early stage.

5. The early symptoms of vitiligo also might present in part of their skin and present in limited white spots or some very little patches. It’s size range from the rice to the fingernails, the vitiligo single shot or sporadic in the body, most of the vitiligo patients have no any feelings, they also don’t know what cause the white spots in their skin, it just happened naturally.

What I mentioned above are the basic descriptions of the symptoms of vitiligo in early stage, wish it can help you better.


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