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Symptoms Of Vitiligo In The Late Stage

The biggest character of vitiligo is expand. The vitiligo divided into stable stage and progressive stage. When the vitiligo expand in certain period, their vitiligo reach in late stage. In this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction about the symptoms of vitiligo in the late stage.

1. Vitiligo expand all over their body, their vitiligo expand in large patches. The vitiligo in the late stage their white spots will gradually merged together and gradually expand all over their body. This type of vitiligo is the generalized vitiligo in the late stage. The total vitiligo area covers more than 50% of the surface area of their skin, it distribute in many parts of their body and the treatment difficulty is quite huge.

2. The color of white spots is quite deep, often present in cloud white and porcelain white. The color of their vitiligo will change with their vitiligo development, the pigment synthesis will decrease, their vitiligo color will changed from shallow white to cloud white or porcelain white. So the color of vitiligo gradually deepen, their vitiligo will start from the shallow white to milky white with the melanocyte in their skin lesion damaged more serious. The color of their vitiligo is one of the criteria to judge whether their vitiligo is light or serious.

How to prevent the vitiligo in the late stage continue to expand.

1. Decrease the smoking and drinking, avoid eating too much spicy and pungent foods.

2. Decrease the intake of foods rich in VC.

3. Take protective measures if they need to contact with the chemical industry substances.

4. Vitiligo patients had better keep a good mental state.

Vitiligo patients in the late stage had better receive the scientific diagnosis and to see whether their have any possibility to treat their vitiligo and decide whether to receive the treatment according to their economic condition.


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