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Symptoms And Treatments For Vitiligo

symptoms and treatments for vitiligoVitiligo not only will influence the appearance of vitiligo patients, it also will bring some influence to their daily life and work. The vitiligo is stubborn skin disease, once it start, it hard to treat and will spend a lot of time and money. So earlier found earlier treatment is the best policy for vitiligo treatment. In the following part, I’d like to make a brief introduction about the symptoms and treatments for vitiligo.

1. Medication treatment.

There are normally two kinds of medicines used to treat vitiligo one is psoralen add UVA treatment, one is corticosteroid to treat vitiligo, the corticosteroid only apply to the vitiligo with small lesions.

2. Laser treatment.

The laser have obvious photothermal effects to the skin and mucosa. It’s energy is quite concentrate with strong penetration effects, it can promote the metabolism and strengthen the cell activity and improve the local tissue nutrition. All these can accelerate the vitiligo recovery process.

3. Surgery therapy for vitiligo.

The surgery therapy mainly includes epidermis grafting surgery and melanin planting surgery these two kinds. The advantages of surgery for vitiligo is with quicker treatment effects, can control the vitiligo condition earlier. But the precondition of this treatment is the vitiligo patients on the stable stage and the skin lesion is not large, the vitiligo sites should in the stationary sites.

4. Chinese medicine treat vitiligo.

Chinese medicine with long source, have special perspective in the vitiligo treatment process. Generally speaking, the vitiligo with different physical condition and vitiligo condition, the treatments suitable for them also should be different. The Chinese medicine often apply the supply the spleen and nourish the stomach, activate the blood, nourish the liver and kidney, get rid of damp and wind to treat vitiligo.

All vitiligo patients had better receive the treatment according to their vitiligo condition, the earlier found, earlier treatment is the best policy for their vitiligo, it will largely increase their vitiligo cure rate. Vitiligo patients had better eat more foods with purple and black color, decrease the intake of foods rich in VC.

The vitiligo patients had better pay much attention to their personal hygiene, keep their room clean, avoid stay up too late. Wish all the vitiligo patients with a speedy recovery.


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