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Localized Vitiligo Symptoms And Attentions

vitiligo symptomsLocalized vitiligo also called limited vitiligo. It means the white spots distribute in part of the body, with one patch or several patches. The vitiligo can onset in any part of the body. The localized vitiligo generally related with the external injuries. There are part of localized vitiligo patients suffered from the external injuries in different degrees. So what about the symptoms of localized vitiligo?

1. The vitiligo presentation.

The vitiligo present in part of the pigment loss. The white spots present in milky white, have no itch or pain feelings. The vitiligo patients feel their lesions site suffered from burning pains after exposed to the intense sunlight.

2. Vitiligo location.

The number of white spots are uncertain, it can localized in part of their body or certain nerve segments. There are few vitiligo can disappeared automatically. But most of the vitiligo will gradually expand and increase, if vitiligo patients not pay enough attention to take care of their skin, their vitiligo might expand all over their body.

3. The vitiligo onset sites.

The vitiligo onset sites not stable, it can expand to other part of their body.

There are some attentions for vitiligo patients in their daily life.

1. Insist the treatment for their vitiligo.

Insist the treatment is very important for vitiligo patients. If the vitiligo patients give up the treatment in the middle of their treatment process, they will hard to get good treatment effects.

2. Have certain control in their diet intake.

Vitiligo patients had better avoid over intake the foods rich in vitamin C. The foods too spicy or too sour also might influence their vitiligo condition and not good for them to get good treatment effects.

3. Take good care of their skin to avoid external injuries.

The external injuries such as the burns or scorch all might cause their vitiligo expand all over their body. So vitiligo patients had better avoid over exposure to the sunlight. They had better wear loose clothes to avoid the friction of their clothes to their vitiligo sites.

4. Keep a good mental state.

Many vitiligo patients on the early stage of their vitiligo easy to feel tired or over anxious, all these might worse their vitiligo, so vitiligo patients had better keep a good mental state and cooperate with their doctor to receive the treatment.


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