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Symptoms And Remedies For Vitiligo Patients

symptoms and treatments for vitiligoVitiligo not only will influence the appearance of vitiligo patients, it also will influence the normal life and work of vitiligo patients. Vitiligo is a stubborn skin disease, once it occurred, it hard to treat it and will spend a lot of time and money. So the vitiligo patients had better receive the treatment as earlier as possible to stop their vitiligo from spreading. So what about the symptoms of vitiligo and the clinical remedies for vitiligo?

The vitiligo in the early stage present into one or several white spots with relatively shallow color. The shapes of vitiligo often present in circular, oval or irregular shape. The vitiligo patients often have no itch or pain feelings, it often distribute in the exposure area of the skin or friction area. Some vitiligo only distribute in the single side of their body. Some distribute symmetrically. Normally the vitiligo will not disappeared by themselves, so the vitiligo patients need to pay close attention to their skin changes.

How about the remedies for vitiligo patients in clinic?

1. Medication treatment.

There are two kinds of medication treatment for vitiligo in clinic, only is psoralen plus UV, after apply the psoralen and then use the long UVA or sunlight to irradiate the white spots. The other kind is corticosterioid, this kind of medicine often apply to the vitiligo with small area.

2. Laser therapy for vitiligo.

Laser have obvious photothermal effects to the skin mucosal, it’s energy is quite concentrate and with strong penetrating strength, it can promote the patient’s metabolism and strengthen the cell’s activity, promote the local tissue nutrition and accelerate the vitiligo recovery process.

3. Surgery therapy.

The surgery therapy mainly includes epidermis transplanting surgery and melanin planting surgery. These two surgeries have quicker treatment effects and can control their vitiligo earlier. But the precondition is the vitiligo in the stable stage.

4. Chinese medicine treat vitiligo.

The Chinese medicine with long history and have special perspective in vitiligo treatment. Generally speaking, the vitiligo treatment need according to the symptoms, causes, physical condition of every vitiligo patients to make. The Chinese medicine adopt the activate the spleen and nourish the stomach, activate the blood and circulate the qi, nourish the liver and kidney, get rid of the wind and damp to treat vitiligo.

Vitiligo patients need to receive the treatment according to their symptoms. They had better receive the treatment earlier. The vitiligo in the early stage with higher cure rate.


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