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Symptoms Of Segmental Vitiligo

segmental vitiligo symptomsSegmental vitiligo is a common vitiligo type. The segmental vitiligo not only damage the appearance of vitiligo patients, brought much mental burden to them. It also can further influence their social contact, work, marriage and etc. If the segmental vitiligo patients not receive the treatment timely, their vitiligo might expand. So what about the symptoms of segmental vitiligo?

1. Vitiligo distribution.

The segmental vitiligo might spread all over their body, most of the vitiligo distribute in face, neck, hand back and etc. The vitiligo in the early stage will small skin lesion, the number also not much. The vitiligo distribute along certain nerve segments to distribute. The distribution of segmental vitiligo have some rules to follow. Most of the vitiligo distribute in single side. The segmental vitiligo in the development stage will follow this rule, it’s expand tendency is easy to forecast.

2. The hair in vitiligo sides become white.

Many segmental vitiligo patients have the symptoms of white hair, they also have the symptom of hair loss.

3. Vitiligo expand.

The segmental vitiligo at early stage with shallow color, with their disease development, their vitiligo area might expand in large areas.

Some daily life attentions.

1. Keep a stable mental state.

Vitiligo patients had better keep good mental state. They had better avoid anxiety, sadness, angry and other negative emotions. They had better set up good daily habits, avoid disorder their biological clock, avoid overtired.

2. Scientific diet.

Vitiligo patients had better eat more nuts and black sesame. They had better avoid eating too much fish and seafood, avoid drinking wines. Vitiligo patients also should control the vitamin C intake in their diet. They also should avoid spicy and pungent foods.

3. Segmental vitiligo patients had better take good care of their skin.

Avoid external injuries, friction and etc. They also should avoid directly contact with the phenol or phenol compound. The summer come, vitiligo patients should avoid long term exposure to the intense sunlight.

Segmental vitiligo patients should diagnose their vitiligo early and receive the treatment early, patience and confidence can help them overcome their vitiligo.


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