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The Specific Symptoms Of Vitiligo In Early Stage

specific symptoms of vitiligo in early stageVitiligo is a skin disease, it’s early symptoms are not very obvious, it cause many vitiligo patients delayed their treatment. The vitiligo like many diseases divided into the early stage, the middle stage and the late stage. The vitiligo in the middle and late stage, the white spots expand all over their body and accompany with many complications. There are some specific symptoms of vitiligo in the early stage.

1. Hairs.

According to the research, we fond the vitiligo have not much influence to the hairs. But if their vitiligo condition not controlled, their fine hairs also will lose the color and gradually become white. Vitiligo in the early stage with white spots in the size of fingernails, it’s distribute quite concentrate, so it not easy to cause the attentions of vitiligo patients.

2. The color of white spots.

The color of white spots in different stage have different color, with their vitiligo worsen, the color of their vitiligo will also change. The white spots color in the early stage have no obvious difference with the healthy skin color. It present shallow white, with their disease worsen, their white spots can changed into milky white to porcelain white. So vitiligo patients had better go to the hospital once they found their skin have white spots.

3. White spots number.

The white spots number in early stage is uncertain, the vitiligo concentrated in part of the body. Segmental vitiligo concentrate in the nerve segments in part of the skin and the number is less. With the white spots number gradually increasing, the original vitiligo will gradually stretched into large patches and will expand to many parts of the body.

4. White spots distribution.

Vitiligo in early stage often distribute in part of body, with the virus regenerate, the white spots will appear continuously. The vitiligo on early stage often distribute in the exposure areas.

To prevent vitiligo, vitiligo patients should avoid directly contact with the heavy metal chemical substances. If they found the symptoms of vitiligo on their skin, they should to the specialist vitiligo hospital to treat their vitiligo as soon as possible.


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