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Late Stage Symptoms Of Vitiligo

symptoms of vitligoVitiligo mainly divided into stable stage and progressive stage, when vitiligo expand into ceratin period, it reach to the late stage. The late stage symptoms of vitiligo often present in the three aspects in the following part.

First the vitiligo spots expand to their whole body and formed large patches. The adjacent vitiligo merged together and spread to whole body. Vitiligo in the late stage is generalized vitiligo. It can cover more than 50% area of our body, it expand in many parts of the body and the difficulty to treat it is quite great.

Second is the color of white spots is quite deep, it’s usual present in could white and porcelain white. The color of white degree of their vitiligo will worsen with their vitiligo development.

The edge of the vitiligo is quite obvious with the normal skin. The vitiligo on the early stage with lighter color, some even hard to distinguish with their eyes. But in the late stage of vitiligo, the edge of the vitiligo in very clear, the pigment in the edge of vitiligo will deepen obviously, the vitiligo is very obvious.

Now we know the symptoms of vitiligo in the late stage, so how to prevent the vitiligo expand in our daily life?

First vitiligo patients should avoid eating too much spicy and pungent foods, avoid smoking.

Second avoid intake too much foods rich in vitamin C.

Third enhance physical exercise to increase the immunity function of our body.

Summer is coming, the sunlight is quite intense, vitiligo patients should pay more attention to take protective measures to avoid over exposure to the sunlight.

The patients work in the chemical industrial areas should avoid directly contact with the chemical materials, paintings and heavy metal materials, salts and other harmful substances.

Vitiligo patients also should avoid too much mental pressures and negative emotions.


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