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Early Symptoms Of Vitiligo

early symptoms of vitiligoVitiligo is a common skin disease and quite easy to expand to the whole body. It is mainly because the early symptoms of vitiligo is not obvious, it is distribute in part of the body and have no self conscious feelings like itch and pain. So the vitiligo in the early stage quite easy to be ignored and then delayed the treatment by the patients. So it is necessary for vitiligo patients know more about the early symptoms of vitiligo.

The symptoms of vitiligo in the early stage, the hair in the vitiligo of the vitiligo vulgaris, the hair in the vitiligo can present in normal color, white color or mingled with normal and white color. The treatment effects of vitiligo on hair is quite poor, after the vitiligo disappeared, the hair also can turn to black.

Vitiligo in the early stage over exposure to the sunlight can have some symptoms such as become red, burning pain, have blisters, itching and even will cause their vitiligo expand.

For vitiligo this skin disease, generally speaking, the vitiligo vulgaris with smooth surface, have no dander and scabs. The vitiligo patient’s sensation and secretion function is function. If the patients found their skin have any symptoms of vitiligo, they should treat it in timely, they should avoid delay it or treat it blindly. The vitiligo vulgaris worsen or changed into more serious type will increase the difficulty to treat it. The vulgaris vitiligo in the early stage should search for the regular treatment. Vitiligo vulgaris with shorter sick time and smaller area, it is quite easy to treat and the vitiligo will disappear in a shorter time.

vitiligo patients in the early stage with some white spots in their skin with different sizes and shapes. Some present in the circular shape, some present in irregular shape, some vitiligo in the coin size, some vitiligo in the fingernail size, the edge of vitiligo is visible and the surface is quite smooth.

Vitiligo in the early stage have no dander and peel phenomenon, it have no itch and pain feelings. Only a few vitiligo patients will suffer from the intense sunlight and have swelling and red phenomenon. Most of vitiligo in the early stage in the exposure areas such as face, legs, arms, month, lips and etc. The color of vitiligo in the early stage is present in milky white, with their vitiligo development, the color of their vitiligo will become cloud white, porcelain white, pure white. There are many types of vitiligo, generally speaking, the vitiligo distribute symmetrically. Only segmental vitiligo distribute along the nerves. No matter how the vitiligo distribute, if the vitiligo patients did not found it in timely and diagnose their vitiligo carefully, their vitiligo will expand all over their body and reduced into generalized vitiligo and increase their vitiligo treatment difficulty.

Vitiligo will influence the people’s appearance and even will pass on to the next generation and induce the cataract, psoriasis and other diseases. If their vitiligo developed into a very serious degree, they will got skin cancer and even endanger their life.

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