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Symptoms And Attentions For Facial Vitiligo

symptoms and attentions for facial vitiligoFacial vitiligo is the patients with the vitiligo on their face. These disease happened all over the world.

There are many vitiligo patients in the tropical and subtropical areas. Vitiligo is closely related with the areas and climates. So what about the attentions for facial vitiligo patients? Let’s the vitiligo specialist from Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital make a brief introduction about the vitiligo treatment in our hospital for your reference.

What is facial vitiligo?

The facial vitiligo mainly characterized by the vitiligo present on their face. The number of vitiligo can be single and multiple. The vitiligo near each other can merged into large patches. The vitiligo with different sizes and shapes. The hairs on vitiligo site can become white.

There are several attentions for facial vitiligo patients.

Vitiligo treatment need a longer time to treat. The vitiligo patients must have certain patience resist this disease.

1. Vitiligo patients should receive regular treatment in specialist vitiligo hospital. Once the patients got vitiligo, they need first time go to the hospital to receive the treatment. The vitiligo in the exposed area such as face can greatly disturb the vitiligo patients, it not only will damage their appearance, it also will become a mental problem for vitiligo patients.

2. Vitiligo patients should avoid believe in some so called folk remedies. Avoid blindly take medicines for their vitiligo. Because it will worsen their vitiligo.

3. Vitiligo patients should under the doctor’s instruction to take medicines. There are some medicines vitiligo patients should avoid take in large dosage such as hormones and immunosuppression and etc. Although those medicines can have quick treatment effects for facial vitiligo patients, but it is quite easy to relapse once stopped using medicines.

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