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Symptoms Of Children Vitiligo

children vitiligo symptomsWhite spots can see in many skin diseases in Children, but the most common diseases are includes nevus depigmentosus, pityriasis simplex and anemia nevus. In recently years, there are some research data shows the children vitiligo onset rate is increasing year after year. So the white spots in children can not ignored. Except the three diseases I mentioned above, it also can be vitiligo. Let’s listen to the specialists from Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital introduce the symptoms of children vitiligo.

In fact, the vitiligo diagnosis is not difficult, it only need to familiar with their main symptoms. The typical symptoms of vitiligo is white white patches, if their vitiligo developed into serious state, their hairs in the vitiligo sites might become white. On the early stage of vitiligo, it’s white spots often present in dot or patches. Because their melanin did not loss completely and present in shallow white color, it’s edge with the normal skin is not very clear.

With their skin lesion gradually expand, their melanin will loss completely and present in milky white or porcelain white, the edge of vitiligo is quite clear. The shape of the white spots is uncertain, it can present in circular, oval and map shapes. The number of vitiligo from one to multiple is uncertain. The sizes of vitiligo is different. The vitiligo onset sites are uncertain. Most of the vitiligo present in exposure and friction areas. The onset set sites from common to less are face, neck, head, abdomen, hip, hands, feet, chest, back external sexual organ, mouth and lips and etc.

Children vitiligo is also one of the multiple skin diseases in the children diseases. The children under development period, their body immunity is quite low, so during their vitiligo treatment process, their treatment plan made and carried should under the doctor’s specific instruction to make sure their treatment safety and effective. The correct children vitiligo treatment plan should based on the specific diagnosis.

Except for vitiligo, the nevus depigmentosus, pityriasis simplex and anemia nevus are the common skin diseases in children. These diseases although have white spots just as vitiligo patients, but the difference between these three diseases are quite obvious.

Nevus depigmentosus will occur after the child birth or not long after the child birth. It present in depigmentation patches with clear edge and will not transfer to other sites while the vitiligo with unclear edge at the early stage and will transfer to other sites in the late stage.

Anemia nevus is a localized depigmentation patches, it will appear after the child birth or not long after the child birth, after rub with strength or heated, part of the white spots will not become red while the normal skin around it will become red, it can distinguished with vitiligo.

Pityriasis simplex is a common children skin disease, it’s a depigmentation white patches present in circular or oval shape. The skin lesion covered with the tiny scales and can disappeared by itself while the vitiligo sites have no scales and with smooth surface, it will not disappeared by itself.

These are the vitiligo symptom presentations. When the children have white spots in their skin, they should taken by their parents to the regular specialist vitiligo hospital to diagnose their vitiligo to find out the true causes and treat their vitiligo according to their vitiligo symptoms. If you have any question about the features of children vitiligo, welcome mail to


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