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Why Some Vitiligo Symmetrically Distributed

why some vitiligo symmetrically distributedWhy some vitiligo symmetrically distributed? This question often referenced by the vitiligo patients.

The vitiligo can regularly distributed and also can symmetrically distributed. Some distribute along the nerve and present in the strip shape, some unilateral distributed. Some vitiligo skin lesion can widely distributed and also can distribute in certain parts.

All these are normal phenomenon. The symmetrically distributed vitiligo is one of the sporadic vitiligo. The clinical symptoms of sporadic vitiligo is the vitiligo distributed in many sites, present certain symmetrically distribution characteristic. Such as some patients with vitiligo on their left arm, the symmetrical parts in their right arm also will have vitiligo. The vitiligo symmetrically distributed closely related with their nerve system and channels.

Sporadic vitiligo is one of the vitiligo vulgaris. It expand in all parts of the body and mainly present in small white spots. The white spots not closely distributed, the distribution is quite large and symmetrically distributed. So vitiligo patients how to distinguish whether their vitiligo is sporadic vitiligo?

The sporadic vitiligo have the characteristics in the below:

1. Is the vitiligo distribute in many parts of the body, present in symmetrically distribution, it will not located in certain part of their body, their are very few vitiligo cluster distribute.

2. The area of sporadic vitiligo is quite small, generally speaking will not exceed half of the surface area. It is a basis to distinguish the sporadic vitiligo and the generalized vitiligo. Some vitiligo patients wrongly thought that the vitiligo distributed in many parts of the body belongs to the vitiligo onset in large scale, it can diagnosed as generalized vitiligo and will increase their treatment difficulty.

So the sporadic vitiligo patients should pay attention to receive their treatment in timely or their vitiligo will reduced into generalized vitiligo and increase their vitiligo treatment difficulty.

The symptoms of vitiligo although seems similar, but the vitiligo presentation in every vitiligo patients is different. So vitiligo patients should receive targeted treatment. If you have any question about why some vitiligo distribute symmetrically, welcome contact with me via my whatsapp 0086 1304 1204 346.


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