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How To Judge Vitiligo Condition

how to judge vitiligo conditionMany vitiligo patients don’t know the degrees of their vitiligo, because every one’s vitiligo conditions and sick time is different, the types of vitiligo is also many, so it is make the vitiligo patients hard to judge their vitiligo conditions.

There are several ways vitiligo patients can judge their vitiligo condition.

First according to the color of their vitiligo.

The color of vitiligo on the onset stage is quite shallow, present in shallow white or milky white. With the vitiligo condition worsen, their vitiligo color will gradually turn white, it can present in cloudy white, milky white or porcelain white. All these colors means the vitiligo condition is quite serious, it have certain treatment difficulty. Some vitiligo with lighter color, their vitiligo condition is quite light, if their vitiligo color deepened, that means their vitiligo condition is quite worsen.

Second according the the areas of the vitiligo.

The vitiligo is not always stable, vitiligo might expand. If the size of vitiligo is small only in the size of coin and mung beans, that means their vitiligo condition is quite light, if they treat their vitiligo in that period, their vitiligo will disappear quicker if under the proper treatment, their vitiligo condition will easy to get control. If their vitiligo no diagnose in timely, the vitiligo size is

third through the hair color in the vitiligo sites can judge the vitiligo conditions.

If you want to know the vitiligo conditions, you can observe the hair color in the vitiligo sites, it is also a very important basis to judge the vitiligo conditions. If the vitiligo developed into serious stage, the hairs in the vitiligo sites might become white might not. But if the hair color in the vitiligo sites become white, that means their vitiligo is quite serious.

Vitiligo patients should go to the hospital to receive comprehensive diagnosis especially when their vitiligo in the early stage. The shorter their sick time is, their vitiligo will easier to treat. If you have any question about how to judge the vitiligo condition, welcome mail to


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