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Does The White Spot After Seawater Bath Is Vitiligo

does the white spots after the seawater bath is vitiligoDoes the white spot after seawater bath is vitiligo? In this article, I’d like tell you how to recognize the white spots after the seawater bath.

In the hot summer, the ultraviolet ray irradiation is quite intense, the high temperature always makes people feel hard to endure. So many people come to the sea beach or go to the swimming pool to cool themselves. The people often go to the sea beach will found every time, after they swim in the seawater, there have some white spots appeared in their body, this is definitely a heavy blow to their appearance. So many people worried about whether they have vitiligo if they have white spots.

The white spots after the seawater bath often happened in summer, long time swim in the seawater. The white spots in nature belongs to sunlight white spots. The skin after irradiated many times in the intense sunlight in the summer might appear some depigmentation spots in the exposed areas such as breast.

The depigmentation spots with the diameter about 0.2 to 2.0 centimeter, sometimes might merged into patches and have no self conscious feelings, generally in the late autumn can disappeared automatically. Some vitiligo patients got vitiligo because of exposure to the intense sunlight for a long time. The vitiligo patients over exposure to the intense sunlight in the hot summer, their vitiligo easy to expand or have new vitiligo appear.

The vitiligo is a depigmentation skin disease, the color of vitiligo is whiter than the white spots after seawater bath, the vitiligo present in the porcelain white or pure white, once it occur, even divorced from the intense sunlight environment, their vitiligo also might expand or have new vitiligo appeared in other sites. So these two kinds of white spots the vitiligo patients need to know how to distinguish. For those patients already diagnosed with vitiligo, they need to prevent the sunlight in the summer and avoid over exposure to the intense sunlight to avoid their vitiligo worsen.

The white spots after seawater bath not necessary is vitiligo, the patients need to go to the regular hospital to diagnose once they found the white spots to avoid delay their disease. If you have more question about vitiligo, welcome mail to


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