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How To Distinguish Vitiligo And Pityriasis Simplex

how to distinguish vitiligo and pityriasis simplexWe all know the mainly symptoms of vitiligo is white spots. But white spots is not necessary is vitiligo, many disease with white spots is quite easy confused with vitiligo. In this article, I’d like to tell you the difference between vitiligo and pityriasis simplex.

The pityriasis simplex also called Pityriasis alba or Pityriasis sicca faciei, it is a common skin disease in dermatology, this disease have many similarities with vitiligo, so in the diagnosis process, the doctor need pay attention to distinguish the vitiligo and the pityriasis simplex to avoid misdiagnosis and delayed the treatment. In the following part, I’d like to make a brief introduction about how to distinguish vitiligo and pityriasis simplex.

First I'd like to introduce the symptoms of vitiligo. The color of vitiligo is quite obvious, the edge is clear, there are pigmentation symptoms in the edge of the vitiligo, the surface of the white spots is smooth and have no scales, the hairs in the vitiligo become white, there are no common sites of vitiligo that means the vitiligo can occur in any part of the body. The histopathology shows the melanocyte decreased or disappeared. Spring and summer it's the high season of vitiligo occurrence or relaspe. In the following part, I’d like to introduce the symptoms of pityriasis simplex.

The pathogenesis of pityriasis simplex is still remain unclear, some people with dry skin condition, after suffer from the intense sunlight irradiation easy to get pityriasis simplex.

Part of the scholars think it related with infectious factor, but no one can cultivate or separate out the germs, bacterium, virus and etc. There also some scholars holds that the occurrence of pityriasis simplex related with atopic constitution. The high risk group of this disease are children and teenagers, there have no gender difference in this disease.

The high season of pityriasis simplex is in spring, part of the patients their white spots can disappeared by itself in summer and fall. It’s typical skin lesion presentation is the depigmentation circular or oval patches with different sizes and clear boundary, the edge is slightly bulged, there are small scales covered in there, the common sites of pityriasis simplex are face, forearms, neck, shoulders and etc. The pityriasis simplex often have no self-consciousness symptoms, part of the patients have slightly itch symptoms. Pathology showed that the pityriasis simplex with scanthosis, slightly swollen, middle degree hyperkeratosis and patchy parakeratosis, the melanin decreased.

The vitiligo and pityriasis simplex shared with many common symptoms, so during the treatment and diagnosis process, the vitiligo patients needs to pay attention to distinguish the vitiligo and pityriasis simplex. These two disease have big difference in medication usage.

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