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How To Distinguish Progressive Vitiligo And Stable Vitiligo

how to distinguish progressive vitiligo and stable vitiligoAccording to the vitiligo development, vitiligo can be divided into progressive stage and stable stage, how to distinguish these two stages vitiligo and make targeted treatment? In the following part, I’d like to make a brief introduction about this.

First you need to see whether the vitiligo expand or not. If the vitiligo did not expand in half year and have no new white spots appeared it belongs to stable vitiligo. If the white spots expand in half year or have new vitiligo appeared is called progressive vitiligo. Of course, use half year as a standard time to distinguish vitiligo stages is quite relative.

Second is to see the white spots features. If the white spots with clear boundary, the pigment around it are deepen, the vitiligo have these phenomenon is stable vitiligo. White spots with unclear boundary and have no obvious boundary with the normal skin that means part of the vitiligo at the stable stage, part of the vitiligo in the progressive stage. If there are one white spot expand or have a new white spot that means the vitiligo in the progressive stage. If all the white spots have no expanding sign, the boundary of vitiligo is clear and have no new white spot, that means vitiligo in the stable stage. Understand that point is quite important.

Third is the progressive vitiligo and stable vitiligo is not a absolutely state, it often alternate occurrence. A new white spots often present in circular, oval shape. The vitiligo on the stable stage with clear boundary. But if stimulated by certain environmental factor, their vitiligo will change into progressive stage, the vitiligo in that time is not present in the radioactive expansion state, instead once edge of the vitiligo is unclear, the boundary between the normal skin is disappear and move toward the normal skin and make the vitiligo present in irregular shape. The progressive vitiligo and stable vitiligo alternately appeared make the vitiligo present in map shape.

The progressive vitiligo and stable vitiligo present different symptoms in different disease stage. So people can judge their disease stage according to different disease change in their skin. If they can not distinguish their vitiligo stage, they can go to the hospital to diagnose their vitiligo according to their vitiligo symptoms and treat their vitiligo under the doctor’s instruction.

Four, the progressive vitiligo and stable vitiligo should treated differently. For the vitiligo patients in the recovery stage, to prevent it relapse, even the white spots disappeared, it is necessary to take consolidation treatment for a period.because after their vitiligo treated clinically, their immunity and circulation also in the weak state, once stimulated by the external or internal factors, it might influence the treatment effects.

If their vitiligo in the progressive stage, they need carefully treat their skin and avoid stimulating their skin. They should carefully take the medicines. If you have any question about how to distinguish progressive vitiligo and stable vitiligo, welcome mail to


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