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How To Recognize Vitiligo On Early Stage

how to recognize vitiligo on early stageVitiligo on early stage only present in skin is white spot, have no other obvious symptoms, so often it quite hard to diagnose in timely. So it is often ignored by people. Learn the symptoms of vitiligo in early stage is quite necessary, it can help you distinguish if you got vitiligo or not. In the following part, I’d like to make a brief introduction about how to recognize vitiligo on the early stage.

1. Vitiligo can occur on any part of the skin especially on head, face, neck, trunk, sexual organs and etc.

2. Vitiligo will present on the body in different sizes, some vitiligo patients vitiligo at early stage have only one white spot, some have several white spots. The size of white spots can gradually spread, the number of vitiligo also can gradually increase.

3. Vitiligo easy occur in exposed areas easy suffer from sunlight or friction areas.

4. The skin lesion of vitiligo can present in pure white depigmentation spots in circular or irregular shapes. Generally speaking, the vitiligo with smooth surface and have no scales. The sensor and secrete function of vitiligo patients are quite normal.

5. The hair color inside of the vitiligo can be normal can be white also can have mingled both these color. The treatment effects of vitiligo is relatively poorer. If the vitiligo disappeared, the hairs also can change into black.

6. Vitiligo is quite allergic to the ultraviolet ray. If slightly exposed to the sunlight will become red. The vitiligo is delayed can gradually expand to other parts and integrated with each other, if it reach certain degree will stop spreading.

The best treatment time for vitiligo patients is in the initial stage, if vitiligo patients treated their vitiligo in that time can largely increase their vitiligo cure rate. But many patients on the early stage did not went to the normal hospital to treat their vitiligo in timely which make their miss the best time to treat their vitiligo and increase the difficulty to treat their vitiligo. So we suggest the vitiligo patients should find their vitiligo earlier and treat earlier.

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