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Why Some Vitiligo Distribute Symmetrically

why some vitiligo distribute symmetricallyThe vitiligo distribution can be irregular and symmetrically or along the nerve singly distribute present in strip shape. The skin lesion can be distribute in large scale, it also can localized in certain sites. All these are normal phenomenon. Symmetrically distribute vitiligo in fact is one of the sporadic vitiligo. The clinical phenomenon of sporadic vitiligo is the vitiligo distribute in many parts of the patients and present certain symmetry. Such as the if the patients have vitiligo on his or her left arm, the symmetrical area in his or her right arm also will have vitiligo. Why some vitiligo distribute symmetrically? It’s closely related with the nerve system and collateral channels.

Sporadic vitiligo is a kind of vitiligo vulgaris. The symptoms of it is distribute in varies parts of the body in the expanding way. Mainly present in small white patches and the white spots no closely distribute, the white spots distribute in wide ranges. So how to distinguish whether their vitiligo is sporadic vitiligo or not?

The sporadic vitiligo have several features:

1. Vitiligo distribute in many parts of the body and present in certain symmetry, it not localized in certain part of the body, have quite few phenomenon of cluster distribution feature.

2. Sporadic vitiligo patients their white spots area is quite small, generally will not more than the half of size of the body surface area. This feature also the main basis to distinguish the sporadic vitiligo and generalized vitiligo. Some patients misunderstood that the vitiligo distribute in many parts is the vitiligo onset in large area. In fact if the area of vitiligo not more than half of the body surface area, it can be recognized as the sporadic vitiligo.

So, the sporadic vitiligo patients should pay attention to receive the treatment in timely, if their vitiligo delayed and not pay attention to health care in their daily time, their vitiligo might expand into generalized vitiligo and increase their treatment difficulty.

Vitiligo seems have no difference,but in fact vitiligo present in every patients have different presentation. So during the vitiligo treatment, targeted treatment for every vitiligo patients is necessary, only in that way, can the patients get early treatment effects.

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