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The Common Diagnostic Methods For Vitiligo

mailto:bjzkhospital@gmail.comWe all know the symptoms of vitiligo mainly present in our skin is white spot. But not all the white spot is vitiligo. So we must have a understanding about how to effectively diagnose vitiligo to avoid misdiagnose and mistreat of vitiligo to avoid their disease delayed. In this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction about the common diagnostic methods of vitiligo.

1. UV screening test:

For the light white spots hard to be found by the naked eyes, if test by the UV screening, their white spots present in pure white fluorescence and formed the obvious contrast with the surrounding normal skin and with clear boundary.

2. Histopathological examination:

The tissue changes of vitiligo correspondent to the destroyed melanocyte. The mainly changes of formed vitiligo damage is the melanocyte decrease or even apoptosis, after the ultraviolet ray irradiation, their skin have the reactive hyperplasia. There have phagocyte in the dermis of vitiligo in the early stage.

3. Friction or tapping test:

To rub or beat the normal skin around the vitiligo with the hands, when the skin become red, you can see whether the vitiligo have any changes. The vitiligo will also become red as the skin surround it after rubbed or beat by the hands.

4. Cutaneous sensory examination:

It includes tests of the temperature, pain sensory, touch sensory tests. The vitiligo patients cutaneous sensory is normal.

In one word, early found early treatment is the best choice for vitiligo patients. According to many years experience, the vitiligo on the early stage is the best time to treat it. The vitiligo on early stage, the pathogenic factors and the body of the vitiligo patients did not reach balanced state, so the white spots of vitiligo patients is quite easy to get rid of in that stage. Vitiligo patients should choose the regular specialist vitiligo hospital to treat their vitiligo.

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