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Symptoms And Treatments Of Teenager Vitiligo

symptoms and treatments of teenager vitiligoWhat are the clinical presentation of teenager vitiligo? Normally speaking the teenager vitiligo climax often concentrate before the 19 years old, the teenager vitiligo also can treated as a special type, the earliest onset age of teenager vitiligo is after their birth or not long after their birth. In this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction about the symptoms and treatments of teenager vitiligo.

1. There are some gray hairs appeared in the scalp. The teenager vitiligo should distinguish from these diseases such as depigmentation moles, anemia and other depigmentation diseases.

2. There are some obvious depigmentation white spots appeared on toes, wrists, mouth, lips, face and labia areas.

3. Have no self conscious feelings such as itch and pain even have that feelings, the symptoms are quite light.

4. The number of depigmentation white spots is relatively small, there are about 1 to 2 patches appeared in their skin, most of the white spots appeared in exposed areas.

5. Except the pigment loss symptoms, the vitiligo lesion areas have no much difference with the skin around it, the vitiligo have no inflammatory symptoms, no scales and no atrophy and other changes. If the teenager have these symptoms, they have great chance to have vitiligo.

The principles of teenager vitiligo treatment.

1. Treat their vitiligo timely.

The early stage of teenager vitiligo is the critical period in the treatment process. If their vitiligo not treated effectively, their vitiligo will quickly spread, so in that period.

2. Syndrome differentiation treatment.

Teenager in the development period, avoid adopt the same treatments as the adults. Avoid over treatment tendency. The best time to treat children vitiligo is in the stable stage, this time to treat will get the best treatment effects.

What I mentioned above are the symptoms and treatment principles for teenager vitiligo patients, if you have any question, welcome mail to or contact with our online customer service staff.


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