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Attentions For Vitiligo patients During Treatment

attentions for vitiligo patients during treatmentMany vitiligo patients during the treatment process will have some phenomenon because of the treatment which many of them don’t know how to dealt with that, in these article, I’d like to make a brief introduction of the attentions for vitiligo patients during their treatment process and wish it can help them smoothly pull through their treatment.

1. Many medicines used to treat vitiligo contains photosensitive components, during their take medicine period, they should pay special attention to cover the exposed areas such as wear long sleeves and long pants, apply sunscreen when they need go out, wear glasses have the function to prevent the ultraviolet ray to avoid their skin and eyes damaged by the sunlight.

2. Pay attention to the skin reactions of in the local drug administration sites, if there have the phenomenon such as red, swelling, itch, pain, blisters, they can first cold compress these areas with normal saline to easy their symptoms and ask the nurses to help them handle these symptoms.

3. The patients receive the skin grafting surgery should pay attention to keep their surgical sites clean and dry, avoid excessive activity and exercise to prevent infections. They need come to the hospital on time to change the dressing.

4. If the vitiligo patients have the symptoms of erythema, blister and etc after received the physiotherapy such as highlight, PUVA and other phototherapy, they should avoid handle it by themselves, they need come to the hospital or communicate with their attending doctor and listen to their doctor’s suggestions.

5. They need keep a regular life habits and try to avoid stay up too late.

6. The vitiligo patients during their treatment process need to slow down their life and work pace. Some emotions live over excited, angry and irregular life style all adverse to their vitiligo treatment and recovery.

7. The vitiligo patients in their treatment process should avoid smoking and drinking, they should have some diet restrictions such as avoid eating too much foods rich in vitamin C, avoid eating too much spicy, stimulating foods such as shrimp, seafood, fishes, hotpot and etc.

What I mentioned above are the attentions for the vitiligo patients during their vitiligo treatment process, these suggestions offered by the specialists from Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital, if you have any question about the attentions for vitiligo patients during treatment process, welcome contact with our online customer service staff or mail to


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