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Vitiligo Symptoms In 3 Stages

symptoms of vitiligo in three stagesThe specialists in Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital indicates the causes of vitiligo are quite complex, so the treatments also should be different. According to clinical presentation, the vitiligo can be divided in these aspects such as stages, colors, types which can learn more about the patient’s vitiligo condition and the development direction and adopt different treatment plan according to the vitiligo phases. In this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction about the symptoms of vitiligo in 3 stages.

The vitiligo can be divided into starting stage, progressive stage and stable stage.

1. Vitiligo in Starting stage.

The color of vitiligo in starting stage is quite shallow, the color of vitiligo in starting stage is not quite different from the color of the normal skin, the size of vitiligo often very small and will not merged into patches, the number of vitiligo is quite few, some vitiligo even invisible via naked eyes. The vitiligo on the early stage present in white spots, with the time went by, the white spots expand into white patches, the vitiligo can occur in any part of the body. The boundary between the vitiligo and normal skin is quite clear. The pores in vitiligo are blocked, the skin lesion is quite smooth, without scales and itch or pain feelings. Most of the vitiligo distributed symmetrically. Some vitiligo patients accompany with the white hair. This vitiligo have no obvious symptoms before it onset.

2. Vitiligo in progressive stage.

Diffusion halo.

Around the vitiligo skin lesion, there present a depigmentation ring, the color of this ring is deeper than vitiligo and lighter than normal skin. The edge of this ring can be clear and blur, it can present in complete ring also can present in depigmentation strip in a certain part around the vitiligo. This halo diffusion range can be wide and can be narrow, this ring can quickly depigmentation and completely merged into vitiligo and make the vitiligo gradually expand. In this vicious circle make the vitiligo gradually expand. The diffusion halo is the common sign of the

Diffuse ray. Vitiligo in progressive stage present some vitiligo in strip shape with point outward. The edge of diffusion ray can be clear but most of it not quite clear, if the diffuse ray is long and slender, the vitiligo expand speed is quite fast.

Dot diffusion.

The vitiligo more or less present in white spots cluster, these white spots can present singly also can present around the vitiligo, the number of vitiligo is uncertain and the size of vitiligo is uneven, some spread here and there, some is quite concentrate. In the stimulation of some chemical medicines and mental factors or other factors, the vitiligo can quickly expand and merged together and finally formed large patches with unclear edge. The original vitiligo also can expand, in this stage have new vitiligo formed.

The edge of vitiligo with blur boundary.

The color of vitiligo is quite light and the edge is unclear, if the vitiligo present in these symptoms, the vitiligo might in the progressive stage. In this stage, the original vitiligo can quickly expand and there also will have some new vitiligo appear.

Accompany with isomorphic reaction.

If the vitiligo have isomorphic reaction, this symptom also once of the signs of vitiligo in progressive stage. The original vitiligo will expand, there are new vitiligo appeared in other parts.

The vitiligo present in shallow white.

This is also one of the symptoms of the vitiligo in progressive stage. The vitiligo with unclear boundary, the original vitiligo can expand and there also have new vitiligo appeared in other parts.

3. Vitiligo in the stable stage.

Vitiligo in stable stage with clear edge, the edge of some vitiligo also can be blur, that means part of the vitiligo in the stable stage, part of the vitiligo in the expanding stage. But whether vitiligo is in stable stage or in progressive stage is refer to the patient as a whole. If there is one vitiligo expand or there appear a new vitiligo, that means the vitiligo in the progressive stage. Only all the vitiligo have no expanding signs, the edges are clear and have no newly appeared vitiligo, we can say the vitiligo in the stable stage.

The stable stage and progressive stage of vitiligo is not absolutely, often alternate appearance. So if you want to judge whether the vitiligo is in stable stage or not, you must carefully observe whether the edges of vitiligo are all clear, even the edge of vitiligo in one vitiligo is blur, that means vitiligo still in the progressive stage or transfer to the progressive stage from the stable stage.

Vitiligo is quite easy to relapse, treat vitiligo need under the guidance of science. The patients should insist the treatment, carefully adopt the stimulating medicines, eat less foods rich in vitamin C, properly bask in the sunlight and etc. If you have any question about the 3 stages of vitiligo, welcome mail to


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