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Vitiligo Symptoms In Early Stage

vitiligo symptoms in early stageVitiligo is a common chronic skin disease, it the one of the three stubborn skin diseases in the world. The vitiligo has a strong stubborn bad feature that is it will spread with the disease development and finally spread all over the body. Vitiligo seriously damage the patient’s appearance and make the patients suffered a lot. Vitiligo although is a quite common disease but it produce a lot of inconvenience to the patient’s life. So the specialists from Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital indicates the prevention of vitiligo is very important. If the vitiligo can be found and treated properly, it can be controlled. So in this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction about the vitiligo symptoms in early stage.

1. The color of vitiligo in the early stage.

The vitiligo on early stage with deeper color, normally present in grayish white or yellowish white because the melanocyte activity in the skin is quite strong, there still have some melanin residue in the skin. If the vitiligo condition worsen, the melanocyte lost it’s ability to produce the melanin, the content of melanin in the vitiligo decreased greatly and the color will become very white, when it developed into late stage, the color of vitiligo will become pure white.

2. The conscious of vitiligo on early stage.

Most of the vitiligo on the early stage have no itch feeling, even have, it is quite slight. Moreover, except the pigment loss in the skin, the pigmented white spots have no difference with the normal skin around it, it have no itching, atrophy and desquamation symptoms. But if their vitiligo exposure to the sunlight, suffer from the external injuries, they will feel certain burning pain and even trigger inflammation.

3. The number of vitiligo on the early stage.

Most of the vitiligo on the early stage present in circular or oval shape, in that time most of the vitiligo is localized vitiligo, only have one to several patches and most of it appear in the exposed areas such as face, neck, arms, abdomen, arms and legs and hands and sexual organs. If the vitiligo developed into the late stage will merged together and form the irregular shape like island.

What I mentioned above is the relevant basic introduction about vitiligo on early stage. The specialists from Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital indicates if the vitiligo not treated timely will worsen, so the vitiligo patients should treat their vitiligo timely and also they should avoid blindly take medicines, any medicine they take should under the doctor’s instruction.

The symptoms of vitiligo is different, the patient’s physique condition also different, so vitiligo treatments also need take these into consideration. If you have any question about the vitiligo symptoms in the early stage, welcome mail to


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