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The Harms Of Vitiligo On Back

the harms of vitiligo on backVitiligo is a common skin disease, the pathogenesis of vitiligo is still remain unclear in the clinical field, the sites of vitiligo appear is also uncertain and often occur in relatively exposed areas which can seriously damage the patient’s mental and physical health. In this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction about the harms of vitiligo on back. Let’s listen to the specialists come from Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital make some brief introduction about this.

The onset sites of vitiligo is uncertain, the vitiligo on back is a relatively common one. The vitiligo on back is quite different from other parts, because the symptoms of vitiligo on back is more easily ignored by us, so it is more easily to be delayed. In the following part, I'd like to make a brief introduction about the harms of vitiligo and want to make the patients with vitiligo on back pay attention to the treatment of vitiligo on back.

The harms of vitiligo on back.

1. Because vitiligo on back often appear on some invisible places, the patients hard to notice the symptoms of vitiligo on back in their daily life, so the relapse of vitiligo often hard to arouse the notice of the patients. All these causes the vitiligo on back hard to cure successfully. Many vitiligo on back not only can cause the skin damage but also can get parts of the mucosa involved. The vitiligo on back is not easy to be found, so it easily cause many patients with vitiligo on back ignore the treatment of vitiligo which is one of the reasons cause the vitiligo hard to cure.

2. Vitiligo on back although will not cause huge damage to the appearance of the vitiligo patients, the vitiligo is quite easy to spread, if it spread to the exposed areas will influence the patient’s appearance and have some impacts to the study, job, marriage and social contacts.

3. Vitiligo on back once spread to some exposed areas not only can damage the patients appearance but also damage the mental and physical health of the vitiligo patients. Because many people do not have much knowledge about vitiligo, they think vitiligo is a contagious disease and afraid to contact with the vitiligo patients so they have certain discrimination to vitiligo patients. With the time went by, it have quite huge damage to the mental health of vitiligo patients.

4. The depigmentation of the skin in the back make it resistance ability to the ultraviolet ray largely decreased. So the patients with vitiligo on back is quite easily have different diseases caused by the damage of the ultraviolet ray such as photosensitive dermatitis and etc. Moreover, the patients with vitiligo on back have higher risk to get skin cancer than normal people.

What I mentioned above are the basic introduction about the harms of vitiligo on back. Vitiligo on back is not an incurable disease, so the patients have no need to worry about too much. If you have any question about harms of vitiligo on back, welcome mail to


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