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How To Diagnose Vitiligo Effectively

how to treat vitiligo effectivelyVitiligo will damage our health, the critical to treat vitiligo is diagnosis. Many patients get white spots on their epidermis might thought they have vitiligo, but in fact, white spots not equal to vitiligo. Misdiagnosis not only can not effectively treat their disease, but also worsen it. In this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction about how to diagnose vitiligo effectively. First vitiligo patients need to know some knowledge about the symptoms of vitiligo in different stages.

The early symptoms of vitiligo.

The vitiligo on the early stage, the patients can see the white spots appear on their skin with quite light color, most vitiligo on the early stage present in shallow white or milky white color, not quite easy to distinguish. Vitiligo easy to develop and spread. If the patients ignore this disease, their vitiligo quite easy to spread.

The symptoms of spread vitiligo.

Once the patients get vitiligo, the white spots on their skin can quickly spread, the number of white spots will increase, their skin depigmentation condition will from bad to worse and the color of white spots will deepen gradually and finally changed into porcelain white or pure white with clear boundary, the adjacent white spots can merged together into large white patches and occupy more than 90% of the total surface area, their vitiligo condition finally will become very serious.

How to diagnose vitiligo?

Abnormal secretion.

The white spots on the surface of the skin are quite smooth and have no self consciousness feelings such as pain and itch. The surface will not form scales or scab, sensory and secretory functions are normal. But their also have some vitiligo patients have itch feeling in their skin lesion, a few patients feeling unacceptable itching, this condition can be seen in the development or have treatment effects period. There are some vitiligo patients secret sweat smelly in their vitiligo lesion.

The color of vitiligo under wood lamp.

Under the irradiate of wood lamp, the white spots present in porcelain white, this also a way to diagnose vitiligo. If the patients wonder whether they have vitiligo or not, they should go to the normal specialist vitiligo hospital to treat their vitiligo. Try to diagnose the vitiligo earlier and treat it earlier to prevent it relapse, if you have any question about how to diagnose vitiligo, welcome mail to or contact with our online customer service staff.


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