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How To Prevent Trauma Vitiligo Expand

how to prevent the trauma vitiligo expandGet vitiligo because of wounds that called trauma vitiligo. Trauma vitiligo is common in our daily life. So what about the symptoms of trauma vitiligo and how to prevent it expand? In the following part I’d like to make a brief introduction about this to you.

There are many people get vitiligo after their woulds healed, this type vitiligo called trauma vitiligo. It is a common phenomenon. This condition is caught unprepared by normal people. So what about the symptoms of trauma vitiligo? How to prevent trauma vitiligo expand?

The symptoms of trauma vitiligo.

1. The trauma vitiligo can appear in all parts of the body, the face, neck, back of hands are the common sites of vitiligo. Sometimes the lesion will present a segmental or zonal arrangements.

2. The vitiligo in the onset stage with light color, present as shallow white. With their vitiligo development, their vitiligo color gradually deepen and finally become pure white.

3. The lesion of vitiligo present with different shapes depigmentation patches, the pigment in the edge is deeper, the number of vitiligo is uncertain, the edge is clear, the hair in vitiligo part can become white. Generally speaking, vitiligo have no self consciousness.

How to prevent the expand of trauma vitiligo?

1. Protect the skin to avoid get external injury again.

External injury is one of the inducements of vitiligo, it is also the reason stimulate the vitiligo expand, if their vitiligo parts suffered from external injuries again, the rate of isomorphic reaction will increase, their vitiligo will expand and worsen their vitiligo condition. So the vitiligo patients should pay attention to protect their skin, avoid their skin get injuries again.

2. Avoid vitamin C.

The foods contains or rich in vitamin C can inhibit the melanocyte regenerate, it can decrease the treatment effects of vitiligo. So vitiligo patients should pay attention to avoid eating foods rich in vitamin C, eat more foods with deep color and rich in tyrosine. It can make the melanin recovered as soon as possible.

3. Pay attention to the emotion changes.

The emotional changes have great influence to the vitiligo patients, negative emotions can worsen their vitiligo. So vitiligo patients should find a vent for their negative emotions brought by the onset of vitiligo and receive the systemic treatments in timely.

How to prevent the trauma vitiligo expand? The most important is go to the specialist vitiligo hospital to find out the true cause of their vitiligo and receive the targeted treatment plan under the professional doctor’s instruction. If you have any question about how to prevent trauma vitiligo expand, welcome mail to


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