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How To Identify The Early Symptoms Of Vitiligo

how to identify the symptoms of vitiligo in the early stageIdentify the early symptoms of vitiligo, grasp the best time of vitiligo treatment is very important. You must want to ask why do you say so? In clinical cases, there are many vitiligo patients ignore the importance of vitiligo treatment because of the knowledge they know about vitiligo is quite shallow and finally delayed their vitiligo cause their vitiligo very hard to get treatment effects. So it is not hard to understand the importance of know about the early symptoms of vitiligo. In the following part, I’d like to introduce how to to accurately identify the early symptoms of vitiligo for your reference.

How to accurately identify the early symptoms of vitiligo? For this question, I know everything one know about the answer. The specialists in Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital will explain this question in detail.

1. First is to observe the color of white spots.

The vitiligo condition change with the color of their white spots changes. The white spots of vitiligo in the early stage often present as shallow white color and slowly developed into cloud white, pure white and porcelain white. There is a slightly raised inflammatory dark red strip on the edges of some newly onset white spots, it can last for several weeks. For those white spots with blur edges and have no pigment generate on the early stage some times it’s hard to identify. The vitiligo specialists in Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital indicates the color of white spot in the same site might present differently. Some vitiligo present as white, grayish white, near the normal skin color from inside to outside.

2. Note the number of white spots.

The specialists in Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital point out the number of vitiligo is uncertain, generally speaking, the number of localized vitiligo is less, it is mainly limited in part of the skin. The white spots of segmental vitiligo often distribute along certain nerve segment or dermatomere. With the vitiligo development, the number of vitiligo will gradually increase, the adjacent white spots also can merged into large patches with irregular shape and generalized to the whole body. When the patient’s vitiligo developed into generalized vitiligo, the number of their white spots will increase, but the number of white spots in the early stage is relatively less. The vitiligo patients should learn more about the common knowledge about vitiligo.

3. Pay attention to the hairs in the white spots.

Vitiligo on the early stage rarely occurs the symptoms of white hairs. If their disease condition did not controlled in timely, if their vitiligo delayed, the hairs in the skin can become white and even fall off. The symptoms of vitiligo on the early stage generally with the size of fingernail and coin with the oval, nearly circular and irregular shape. Some vitiligo at the onset stage present as dot depigmentation spots with clear edges. Some vitiligo on the early stage surrounded with pigment belt in the edge. The area of white spots is relatively small, there are few patients their vitiligo developing very fast in the early stage and changed into generalized vitiligo with white spots spread to the whole body.

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