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Symptoms Of Acral Vitiligo

symptoms of acral vitiligoThe acral vitiligo often onset in the end of ones arms and legs. It often appear in the exposed area and have great influence to the patient’s appearance. Most of the patients very care about their appearance image. So vitiligo patients often full of inferiority and fear. Acral vitiligo also is impact their work, love and many other aspects. So acral vitiligo patients should found their vitiligo earlier to take effective measures to treat their vitiligo. So what about the symptoms of acral vitiligo?

1. Acral vitiligo on the early stage usually with lighter white color, it is easy to be ignored by the acral vitiligo patients with white complexion. The number of white spots is less and most of it appear in the exposed area and have no itch or pain feelings.

2. Acral vitiligo in most case distribute symmetrically. There are some vitiligo arranged along the damaged nerve segments. Except damage the skin, part of mucosa also might involved into it. It also might cause part of the hair become white. There are few vitiligo disappeared by themselves. The number and area of most acral vitiligo will increase and expand, if it developed into a serious state, it can generalized to the whole body.

The attentions for acral vitiligo patients in their daily life.

1. Keep good mind state. Avoid negative emotions. Cultivate good life habits, balance the rest and work and avoid too tired.

2. Balanced your diet. The acral vitiligo patients should avoid intake too much foods rich in vitamin C. Avoid wines and cigarettes. Avoid spicy and stimulating foods. They can eat more foods with black and purple color such as black soy beans, black rice, black sesame and etc.

3. Protect their skin. Rub their skin gently when take a bath. Avoid use too much strength. Avoid directly contact with the substances contains phenol or phenol compounds such as rubber gloves. Avoid long time exposed to the intense sunlight.

4. Take exercise regularly. There are some sports good for acral vitiligo patients such as morning exercise, shadow boxing and etc.

The patients one found they have acral vitiligo, they need go to the specialist vitiligo hospital to receive systemic treatment as earlier as possible. If the acral vitiligo delayed, it have great chance to spread to the face, in that time, it will seriously damage the patients appearance. If you have any question about symptoms of acral vitiligo, welcome mail to


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