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Symptoms And Attentions For Localized Vitiligo

symptoms and attentions for localized vitiligoLocalized vitiligo is limited in one site with one or several white spots, it can generate to the whole body. The onset of the localized vitiligo generally related with the external injuries. There are certain part of vitiligo patients suffered from external injuries in different degrees in their vitiligo lesion. So what the symptoms of localized vitiligo?

1. The presentation of localized vitiligo.

This type vitiligo present the localized pigment loss, the vitiligo present milky white, with no pain or itchy feelings. Because the skin in this part lack of the pigment protection, after suffer from intense sunlight can cause burning pain.

2. The white spots distribution of localized vitiligo.

The number of white spots is uncertain, it can localized in part of the skin or certain nerve pigment. Very few will change or disappear by themselves. But most of the vitiligo patients their vitiligo will increase and expand to other parts, if it not nursed well, it might even generalized to the whole body.

3. The onset sites of localized vitiligo.

The onset site of localized vitiligo is not stable, it can occur in any part. Localized vitiligo patients should pay attention to take care of themselves in their daily life.

First they need to insist the treatment. Insist the treatment is very important. So for the localized vitiligo patients, they need to insist the treatment. After they recovered from their vitiligo, they need to take consolidation treatment a period of time to prevent their vitiligo recurrent.

Second, it is important for vitiligo patients to have diet restrictions. For those foods rich in vitamin C they need avoid eating too much. Eat too spicy or acidic foods also can influence their vitiligo conditions and their treatment effects. It is not good for their localized vitiligo treatment.

Third is to protect their skin to avoid external injuries such as burns, sunburns and etc. These external injuries might cause their vitiligo generalized to their whole body. So vitiligo patients should avoid over bask in the intense sunlight.

Third is vitiligo patients should relax themselves. Many patients have over anxious and overtired conditions on the early stage or the development stage of their vitiligo. Those conditions might worsen their vitiligo conditions.

The localized vitiligo patients should insist the systemic treatment and pay attention to do a good job in protect their skin in their daily life. If you have any question about the symptoms and attentions of the localized vitiligo, you can mail to


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