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The Symptoms Of Vitiligo On Toes

symptoms of vitiligo on toesVitiligo is a chronic skin disease, it is easy to be ignored by patients with vitiligo on toes. If it not found earlier and take effective treatments, it is easy to developed and will more difficult to treat. Because vitiligo on toes have great chance to spread to face and directly damage the appearance of the vitiligo patients. So it often brought great mental pressure to patients. If the patients with vitiligo on toes do not want suffer from vitiligo anymore, they need to know more about the symptoms of vitiligo on toes and do a good preventive job. So what symptoms of vitiligo on toes?

1. Vitiligo state. The vitiligo on the early stage often present as shallow white with the shape of circular, oval or irregular. The vitiligo on the early stage often with small size and have no itchy or pain feelings in the vitiligo sites except the pigment loss symptom.

2. The number of the vitiligo. The vitiligo on toes in the early stage often only have one or several patches, but with the time went by, most of the vitiligo will present on the exposed areas such as face, neck, arms and etc. Later the adjacent vitiligo might merged into large patches with irregular shape.

3. The hair on vitiligo site might become white. The vitiligo on early stage have lesser symptoms of white hair. But if it was not controlled timely, with the vitiligo development, the hair can lost it’s pigment or even fall off.

4. The vitiligo distribution. The vitiligo on early stage only present in very small area, some vitiligo only happened in single side of the body. But most vitiligo patients their vitiligo can occur in any part of their body and distribute symmetrically.

What they should pay attention to in their daily life?

1. Pay attention to their skin changes. The vitiligo on the early stage generally have no pain and itchy feelings, so it is easy to be ignored. So we all should pay attention to the skin conditions of ourselves, to see whether our skin is healthy or not. When we found the abnormal symptoms of our skin, we need to treat it earlier and insist the scientific treatment.

2. Good mind state. Our health closely related with our emotions. We need to pay attention to psychological quality cultivation, learn to adjust the abnormal emotions, relieve the mental pressures. The patients with vitiligo on toes can develop some hobbies, learn to distract their attentions via learning and entertainments.

3. Have good life and diet habits. The vitiligo patients in their daily life should pay attention to their personal hygiene, keep their room tidy, have regular living habits, avoid staying up too late.

4. The patients with vitiligo on toes should eat more foods with black and purple color. Such as black rice, black soy beans, black sesame, walnuts and etc. Avoid eating too much stimulating and spicy foods such as peppers, garlic, wines and etc. For those foods rich in vitamin C also should avoid eating too much.

5. Protect their skin, proper exercise. Prevent their skin from suffering from injuries. Choose the loose cloths. Avoid directly contact with the phenol substances or phenol compounds such as rubber gloves. Avoid long time exposed to the sunlight. Properly take the physical exercise. Because it not only can strengthen their body but also can increase their immunity. The sports such as jogging and shadow boxing are good sports for vitiligo patients.

The harms of vitiligo is quite huge, so every vitiligo patients should pay attention to their skin changes. Once they found the white spots on their skin, they need to go to the normal hospital to diagnose and treat it.

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