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The Symptoms Of Vitiligo On Feet

symptoms of vitiligo on feetVitiligo is a common skin disease, it can occur in any part of the body. The feet is also one of the common sites of the vitiligo onset. So what is the symptoms of vitiligo on feet? In the following part, I’d like to make brief introduction about the symptoms of vitiligo on feet.

1. The vitiligo on feet with different sizes and shapes. Some vitiligo with the size of the little fingernails or coins present in different shapes.

2. Vitiligo on feet at early stage if can not found earlier will gradually expand and cause the hairs in vitiligo area become white. The original vitiligo might expand and with newly vitiligo appear in other parts.

3. The vitiligo on feet have no pain or itchy feelings. The color of vitiligo will paling gradually and later will present the color of gray white or milky white and etc.

4. There are a pigment loss ring in the edge of vitiligo on feet. The color in the edge of vitiligo on feet with deeper color than other areas. Vitiligo on feet in the developing stage, some edges of this kind of vitiligo are clear, but some are invisible with complete ring. There also have this kind of pigment loss ring in certain part of the skin around the vitiligo.

What I mentioned above is the relevant introduction about the vitiligo on feet. Vitiligo on the early stage should treat as earlier as possible. So I suggest the patients with vitiligo on feet should go to the normal specialist vitiligo hospital to treat their vitiligo as earlier as possible.

The patients with vitiligo on feet should take comprehensive tests to find out the true causes of their vitiligo. Find out the true causes of vitiligo is very helpful for the vitiligo treatment. The vitiligo on feet have individual difference, the types of vitiligo also many, so the vitiligo treatment should syndrome differentiation. Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital combine traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine along with some large scale medical instruments, internal and external use medicines, silicon light, carbon light, narrow band UVB, laser, patent Chinese medicines, western medicines and etc to treat vitiligo. We not only treat the symptom of vitiligo but treat the causes.

There are four steps in our hospital to treat vitiligo, first is to comprehensively diagnose the causes of vitiligo to find out the true causes. The second step is to stop the the development of vitiligo. The third step is to restore the color of the vitiligo. The four step is to do consolidation treatment to prevent it relapse, only these four steps combine together, can we call it a relatively perfect vitiligo treatment plan.

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