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Symptoms of Vitiligo on Hands

symptoms of vitiligo on handsVitiligo is a skin disease very easy to expand all over the skin. The common sites of vitiligo often on exposed sites such as head, arms, legs, face, lips, mouth and etc. Some vitiligo patients have pigment loss symptoms only in very small area. Segmental vitiligo only occurs in single side of the body. But most vitiligo patients have generalized vitiligo, it can spread to any part of the body. The vitiligo normally distribute symmetrically. If the vitiligo too serious, it might induce some other complications such as cataract. It might damage the patient’s eyesight. In the following part, I’d like to introduce the symptoms of vitiligo in hands.

The symptoms of vitiligo on hands.

Vitiligo on hands is one of the common types of vitiligo. As for the symptoms of vitiligo on hands, I can generalize it into several points.

1. The vitiligo on hands often occur in the exposed area and easy suffer from frictions.

2. The vitiligo on hands often have no itching or pain feelings, the surface of vitiligo on hands is smooth and have no other scales.

3. The color of vitiligo on hands at early stage often present as shallow white, with the round, oval or irregular shape.

4. If you rub the vitiligo on hands gently, your vitiligo is still white while the skin around your vitiligo will become red.

How to treat vitiligo on hands.

There are many treatments about vitiligo on hands. But according to the causes and physique conditions of every patients with vitiligo on hands, the treatments of vitiligo also should different. So I suggest vitiligo patients first need go to the regular specialist vitiligo institutions to take a comprehensive tests to find out the true causes of vitiligo and then let the professional doctor put up with the treatment plan suit for your own vitiligo condition. Vitiligo is a chronic skin disease, it need a longer treatment courses, so vitiligo patients must have patience. Patients of vitiligo on hands also need to pay attention to keep good life habits in their daily life and learn more knowledge about vitiligo, the best policy for patients with vitiligo on hands is to found it earlier, treat it earlier.

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