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The Symptoms Of White Spots

the symptoms of vitiligoWhite spots also called vitiligo, it’s a skin disease. The symptoms and causes of vitiligo are very complex. If it not treated in timely, it might cause the white spots spread and reduce into generalized vitiligo. After the appear of vitiligo, there will have some white spots in the skin, if it not treated in timely, the white spots will expand. In the following part, let’s listen to the experts from Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital introduce the symptoms and causes of vitiligo.

The melanin pigment loss cause the vitiligo. Continuous melanocyte decrease is stimulated by the external factors, if it keeps a long time will cause vitiligo. The vitiligo on the early stage with shallow white spots in small sizes, if it not treated earlier and let it go, there will have serious white spots generated.

After the appear of vitiligo, the color of white spots have this development process, they are shallow white, milky white, cloud white and porcelain white. Vitiligo with different symptoms have different color. After the symptoms of vitiligo appeared, it needed to be treated as earlier as possible. The vitiligo generalizing speed is very fast, if it is not treated in timely, it will spread to all parts of our body. So once the vitiligo appeared, we need to treat it in the specialist vitiligo hospital earlier.

The vitiligo onset not only related with our living environment, it also related with our physique conditions. If people with poor physique condition, they are easier to be attacked by the diseases and have the symptoms of cold or fever. If they still not treated in timely, their cold or fever might generalized into respiratory disease, laryngopharyngitis and other diseases. If these diseases still let it go, it might induce white spots.

Vitiligo patients can diagnose their vitiligo by themselves. If they can find their vitiligo symptoms earlier, they can treated it earlier and stop the vitiligo in the early stage. The symptoms of vitiligo mainly in the below.

1. There is a slight bulge inflammatory dark red strip around the vitiligo on the early stage, it can continue for about several weeks, if you do not check it carefully, it is very hard to see it clearly.

2. The symptoms of vitiligo on the early stage have blur around and have no pigment generate in there.

3. The size of the vitiligo on the early stage often relatively small with the size of fingernail or coin.

4. Except the pigment loss there are no shrink or scaling changes in the vitiligo areas. The hair on the vitiligo areas can loss the pigment totally.

5. The number of vitiligo on the early stage is very few.

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